🗞 Skin Care Is a Science Experiment for Your Face



That was an interesting article. The ordinary group they mentioned in there was actually the first one I had joined and learned tons. Although I have yet to buy any ordinary products lol they suggest lots of others too.

My friend keeps telling me to checkout the reddit group mentioned in there also but i just find navigating around them confusing because I am not used to them so have stuck with the facebook groups for now.


Wow. This author writes out about everything I’ve felt for the past 25 years concerning skin care, acne, etc. I did look up the Reddit group and HOLY :hole: COW :cow: it is so extensive and overwhelming I have no idea where to even start. I guess at the end and work my way down? Oy Vey.
I used to do the same thing … buy what looked neat/cool/new/exciting and try it and then lose interest and chuck it out a year later after it expired. What a waste of money :money_with_wings:!
Some really great info is in this article and the difference between what is considered drugs and what is considered cosmetics blows my mind :exploding_head:.


Totally interesting article. Someone is telling the truth about the cosmetics industry, thank you! “Another issue with many topical skin products, Sachs says, is that “they have to penetrate the very strong stratum corneum, which is the top layer of the skin.”The skin is a barrier, after all, designed to keep things out. With cosmetics that aren’t tested, there’s no way to know if the molecules penetrate deep enough into the skin to have any effect.” This is what I found most informative because I know I’ve hit this wall many times. My skin seems to be thick or dense and I’ve often wondered if certain products were penetrating.
I also don’t understand why commercials and advertisements for skincare products use models that obviously don’t even have the issue the product is claiming to solve?? They expect me to believe that a 20 something year old is battling sagging cheeks and a wrinkled neck?


I remember when I first read about Noxzema not being that great for your skin. That was a bummer. I was slathering the cream from that blue jar all over my face on a daily basis in high school and letting it sit on my face just hoping it would melt the acne away. :smile: