🗞 Skin in the Game: Contact Dermatitis and Cosmetics, Part I



This is an interesting topic, especially the “regulatory” part. I wonder if it’s ever worth the effort to report a negative experience/reaction from cosmetic use to the manufacturer? Would they argue that prior to the product being released on the market that all necessary tests were done thereby deeming the product “safe?” Would they willingly publish in their review section an account of a horrible reaction to their product? Would they consider taking it off the market to reformulate if there were significant complaints? Or would it require a court injunction like the infamous “Rio” hair relaxer. It was touted as the “world’s first natural hair relaxer.” Approximately 30,000 users went bald using the product.


I believe so. I would want to know, I’m sure they would as well. There are so many different types of skin out there the odds are 1 out of some number of people will have a reaction.


I think this kind of ties into that Johnson and Johnson thing. I think these companies (especially the big major ones) need a lot of people to document their negative experiences before they decide they need to revamp a product, especially one that has been on the market for years and years. Johnson and Johnson is supposed to be the “gold standard” in baby care and yet I’ve heard so many people say it dried their kid’s skin out and caused rashes (which is what happened to my son).


I could be wrong, but John I think you may be an anomaly in the cosmetics industry. Your approach has been to do the due diligence before and as you’re building Community Cosmetics, hence the forum. And because of this approach, you’re building a product line that is trustworthy in advance of hitting the market.
I think the reason we see so many companies exchanging free products for five star reviews is because they possibly didn’t have proper customer perspectives and input prior to launching their lines. And now their products aren’t selling as they anticipated.


But with the Johnson and Johnson issue it was always on the packaging not to use it in your genital area.I am not blaming people who suffered and developed cancer I am saying we have to read everything we purchase. To be hypervigilant.