Skincare Mistakes?


What are some things you used to do in your skincare routine that you’d now consider a mistake? I used to use a face scrub daily, sometimes twice daily. That had to have something to do with why my skin was bad at the time. But I didn’t know any better! I figured if it was a wash, it was safe for daily use.


One of these days I’ll write a blog article on this, but too many of us are using way too many products, too often.
I think it’s human nature to conclude that if a little is good, a little more is probably better.
Exfoliation is a great example.
A little is good to help with skin desquamation and skin renewal, but too frequently and you’re stripping away your barrier protection, and creating a skin sensitivity situation that could set you back a month or more.
Don’t exfoliate more than 2x week.


Good advice. While experimenting with product is fun, it is possible to overdo even a good thing. Too much attention can be overkill. It helps (and this community has come up with a lot of good information) to understand why individual products can produce the benefits for which we buy them.


i used proactive without reading the ingredients, it had sulfa in it which i am allergic to, i now know to read the ingredients. but at least i know how to shop correctly for my skincare needs after that. i bought it because i had heard so much about it, i was excited to try it, i believed it would truly work, because of all the advertisements. i also no longer pay attention to advertisements, i learned that everything works different for each individual, and also paid celebrities do not really use those brands outside of the campaign, you have to find out what is right for you by checking labels, smells, etc. not basing what is right for you just off of advertisements and what they say. most people would have known that but i was younger and didn’t think that far into things.


I always forget to use sunscreen. I’ve also used products that have over dried my already dry skin.


I used to not moisturize. I figured my skin was oily enough as it was, so I did everything to make it less so. I didn’t realize that, even if my skin is oily, I was dehydrating it and making it produce MORE oil.


I have used so many different things and methods I’m sure I could write a book.
As I have matured I am trying to cut down all of these unnecessary steps and really putting on to many layers.


I normally regret trying new face masks. My skin gets very sensitive when I use too many in a row or even one a week. I love trying new products but I feel like my skin goes through very sensitive stages.


I haven’t really had mishaps with skincare as Ive always tried to research things to find the best options for my crazy skin but makeup is another story. I could talk for hours about all the crazy mistakes Ive made.


One of the biggest mistakes I ever made was leaving a clay mask (Aztec Healing Clay and Apple Cider Vinegar) on for way too long. I think I left it on for an hour or two while I was doing things around the house. It was dry and tight, but I figured that meant it was working and I was having some acne issues at the time so I thought it would help. My face was so dry and scaly when I washed the mask off. It was like I was sunburned or something. I learned my lesson about overdoing things like that.
The other thing I used to do when I was younger, but I don’t do now is put a whole bunch of heavy makeup over already irritated skin. I was so embarrassed by my breakouts in my late teens and early 20s so I would pile on the foundation and pressed powder and concealer and everything else and all I did was make it worse.


I used to really like how I looked tanned, so in the Summer I would sun bathe with suntan lotion/oil. :woman_facepalming:t4:


I have never really overused a product.

I think if anything I have the opposite problem… I find it hard to stick to a beauty ritual of any sorts…I do it when I think about it.
Maybe this would be a mistake.


I like this mask, but I know what you mean.
This one gets really dry and tight for sure.
I always put on a deep overnight moisturizer after using this mask, like this one from Kiehl’s.


Same I always forget to apply Sunscreen when I go out in sun that has damaged my skin overtime.


did you ever write the blog on this, i am very interested in reading it, if you have. if i missed it will you please tag me to it :slight_smile:


@Freedom Baby oil! laid there like a sacrifice!. It did look great but I may have overdone it a tad. Now I avoid the heat, which also often means the sun, healthier but sad!: :crying_cat_face:


my skin is super oily so I tend to use anti oil or acne reduction skin care products but sometimes over doing them can strip to much oil away and cause your skin to break out worse, sometimes hydration is needed even for oily skin


:smile:I never looked at that way, but you’re right! I probably did look like a sacrifice! The lessons we learn through ignorance. :woman_facepalming:t4:


A former classmate came to school one day with a bright red upper lip. She had mixed up leg Nair with facial Nair. You could feel the irritation just looking at it. Thankfully, I haven’t had any such events!


I love the,results that my skin can get when I exfoliate it. My skin feels and looks firmer smooth but I have in the past over did it edgier too long or too often which caused me dry skin that looked liked eczema. My face looked awful