Skincare Packaging, Inserts, and Extra Goodies

I’m always excited to get a package in mail like it’s Christmas, and when the package has a little something extra in it, it feels like a bonus gift. I’m curious, what sort of inserts or extra goodies have ya’ll received in your skin care packages that make the experience that much better?

I’m currently a subscriber of Birchbox and love the little one-sheeter inserts explaining relevant info on the products within the package, other products I’d be interested in, or overall skin care information.
This one is holiday related on one side, listing out the different types of formulas, and on the other side it has other skin care products I may be interested in. At the bottom, it has a cute message about the upcoming holidays which is always a good reminder to get the holiday shopping done before it’s too late!


I love those too! They are so informative! I’m a Ipsy and Boxy member and hopefully soon I want to add Allure and was thinking of Birch box as well! I have always been a subscription box advocate! I think it’s an ingenious way to get the beauty products you crave to try before buying!
In this months Ipsy glam plus I got the most cutest Betty Boop make up case! I’m smitten :blush:

I don’t buy gift sets for the holidays often but when I find them on clearance or the after holiday sales I try to find the ones with small travel products. When I do buy them for gifts I try to find the ones that offer the most for the price. Such as a perfume set that had a body wash or lotion plus a travel perfume. That type of thing.

Yes, that’s always fun and exciting. I guess I’ve received like smaller samples of the different skin care products within thr large skin care products packages that I’ve ordered and received.