So much eczema!


This has been touched on in previous topics. So many kids attached to the group seem to have eczema, even though all these parents are very aware of good skin care and probably pay more attention to it than most of our parents did, or the general public. The question is “Why? What’s going on?”. Is it stress, atmospherics, food allergies? Too much unnatural everything? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’ve wondered the same thing. My child who is 7 now was born with it. I first started noticing it when he was maybe a month old. I was using Johnson&Johnsons baby soap, lotion etc…and he was having awful breakouts. It seemed like no matter what I done or how much product I used it just continued to get worse. That’s when I took him to the Dr. I figured out that I was the one who was making it worse! I felt awful but I didn’t know any better at the time. I was introduced to Aveeno (non scented) and his little body started clearing up in a matter of a day or two and continued to get better. Now I know a little more about it, I’m very aware of what I buy for him to use in the bath to wash his hair & body. I also have to be careful about what I wash his clothes in. He’s so sensitive to everything. I’d like to know more though about what actually causes him to breakout. What certain ingredients make it worse? Is it just the perfumes or is it more? Any help would greatly be appreciated. :heart:


I think it is a bit of everything, probably allergies to various foods or environmental irritants causing the majority of it. I am guessing it may also be related through parents, like maybe if parents had allergies of some sort their kids are more likely to have some sort of reaction whether it is seasonal allergies, indoor outdoor allergic reactions, topical reactions, or food related reactions. Seems like the more we clean things the less exposure to allergens kids have and the more likely it seems that they will have some form of an allergy, if that makes sense.


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