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Since a lot of us are new here, I thought we could get to know each other, share our social media links, follow, and support each other.

I am Hallie. I am from Ohio and like to do product reviews and testing. It is fun getting to try new things and give feedback on them. I also have a kitty cat and do some gardening.

Here are my social media links:



FB page



08Liter (K-beauty testing site. You can follow members after joining and check out their reviews)

Influenster (you can see my reviews and give a like if they are helpful)

Influenster referral (for anyone who would like to join)


Add your links in the comments and lets support each other!






Thank you!
Daleine Kissinger


Instagram :


Hello all…Im Emiley. I have been a Co-Creator a few months now and have really enjoyed the experience and all the information and new ideas Ive gained from my experience. I hope everyone will enjoy it and use it as a tool to educate and learn further. Here are my links.



Hello everyone! My instagram is all about skin-care, I’m part of the influester community and the 0.8 liter community also! If anyone wants to check my pages out, just let me know and I’ll add my links. :slightly_smiling_face:


My Instagram accounts have nothing to do with skincare, but I think I take pretty photos! I’m a freelance photographer (although haven’t done much with that lately) and a journalist.

Work Instagram: (Will follow you back from this account!)
Personal Instagram:

(Side note: If anyone is ever in the NYC area & wants some free portraits, let me know!)


Please do add your links so you can gain followers and we can support each other. I’d love it if you followed me as well. Thank you.


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