Spa Day


Help me plan a spa day for a friend and myself!!She planned a bath when I stayed over last weekend in her new place and we drank wine in her clawfoot tub and put too many bath bombs in it.I’d like to plan something fun and luxurious for her in return.What do you do for things like this?


I make sure to have an entire spa day at least once a year on my Birthday. I choose a spa that includes tons of immenities like a pool, gym, steam room, sauna, desserts/drinks and in a nice area for shopping. I usually only purchase one or two treatments. There are some spa treatments you can do together like back massages, pedicures, and manicures. Also check online for deals like Groupon or join the mailing list of the spas you are interested in.


I don’t have any suggestions besides possibly setting up a pamper bag or a goodie bag for her with some bath products you like or other personalized items.


This sounds so fun! I’d get some masks that you know she’d like. I really love the Freeman masks because they work well but aren’t expensive! They have an “Anti-Stress” mask that could be perfect for that. And if you do another bath too, maybe you could make it different by using epsom salts, bath fizz, or some kind of nice oil. I think that would be very relaxing! There’s a lavender epsom salt from Dr. Teals that’s really nice.



Let me think about it. Right now a hotel room where I could see and hear the ocean while catching up on sleep sounds good. If they want to throw in a jacuzzi, I won’t complain.


My friends and I like to go shopping first, get our nails done and then go home and put face masks and hair masks on while we drink wine and watch some movie. Last week, I went to a spa in Turkey (Hamam) and that was the best spa treatment in my life. It’s a mix of baths, saunas, salt room, peeling, foam massage and oil massage. I never felt more relaxed in my life, so if there’s any Hamam spa in your area, I would 100% recommend it.


I like this idea. Purchasing some of her favorite skincare products and putting them in a decorative basket and shrink wrapping it would be a gift I would welcome. Or you can take her to Massage Envy.


If you are looking on the cheap…than you could give each other Mani/pedis at your place and as mentioned above do some facial masks…you can do some diy masks…like honey and oatmeal, and a tightening mask which is simple…just separate eggs and wisk the egg whites until it is really foamy…then apply to your face…you will feel it tighten immediately.

I think it’s fun to use things you may already have in your home/kitchen.


take her to belterra go swimming get in the jacuzzi then do face masks, and mani/ pedi’s.
OR you could always check out groupon they have a lot of good deals on spa’s.


Face mask, a manicure and pedicure and also just some great skincare is my favorite relaxing.


I like painting my nails, doing a face mask, drinking an iced tea and taking a bath (with a bath bomb or bath salts). Hopefully this gave you an idea. I don’t normally have spa days but I do enjoy doing at least one of these things a week.


Lots of fun suggestions here!
I’m assuming this is an “in-home” spa day.
If you want some alcohol bubbles, Proseco is a nice affordable option to Champagne.
Then there
are those fun flowering tea balls which might be nice.
Don’t forget spa water infusions!
Charcuterie or crudite board with some fun cute little bites/sandwiches for snacks… bonus points for cuteness.
There are curated playlists available on Spotify and Pandora for spa day.
Do you have any robes handy, get them clean and ready!
Maybe get some hot towels ready to put on your face.
Masks sound awesome, as do leave-in hair treatments.
Is she game to bring over her products?
It might be fun to see what the two of you have between you and maybe make a game out of choosing a treatment for each other.



I like doing hair masks and face masks, or those sheet masks. The Target near me has been doing some remodeling and they did their beauty type section and I just haven’t had time to look but they have tons of sheet masks and new products now.


Face masks are super fun! You can buy them or even make them at home.
While the mask is on, you can do each other’s nails


I always do face masks with my mom when we stay at a hotel together!


Bonus points for answering room service with masks on!


Lol… I ordered a pizza last week and the delivery guy came when I was doing a charcoal mask. You should have seen the look on his face when I answered the door, I think it kinda scared him at first.


This sounds like fun. I’ve never really done a spa day thing. I’ll do a mask at home for my face and do my own pedicure from time to time. I don’t really count deep conditioning my hair because I do that every week and I just leave it on while I do housework.
I like other people’s suggestions of doing some DIY beauty treatments. That could be really fun.