I know this is a little off topic, but I just cut my finger pretty good on a very sharp piece of metal today.I didn’t feel it when it happened, but it started bleeding and then I went a bit in shock.Wrapped it up in a paper towel and got to a friend’s house to clean out the wound and then she appliedliquid bandaid to it, and wrapped it. I am pretty anti- going to the doc unless I NEED to…but some people here suggest I go get it stitched up.IDK…what would you do?Have not had stitches since I was a kid.I just don’t want to rush to an urgent care place if it doesn’t really need stitches.



Honestly I think it’s best to go to a doctor just in case. I’ve never needed to get stitches, so I can’t really tell if this would need it or not, but I think just better safe than sorry. Worst comes to worst if you go and didn’t need stitches, at least they can really thoroughly clean it.


Ouch, that looks painful!
We’ll have to talk about scarring next.I’d go to the doctor.
They might ask you about the last time you had a tetanus shot, too.
Let us know what you decide and the outcome.


I agree with everyone else a trip to urgent care is a good idea.


I cut my finger with a kitchen knife once.
I could not get it to stop bleeding so I drove myself to urgent care.
I was hoping my husband wouldn’t come home while I was gone because the bathroom vanity looked like a crime scene.

That does look a pretty good size cut you have.
I think I would get it looked at.

Good luck!


The fact that you didn’t feel when your finger was cut and went into shock, makes me think you should see a doctor just in case. I cut my finger 2 days before my wedding… blood everywhere but I didn’t feel a thing. Turns out I severed a nerve and needed to get it reattached -the very day after my wedding! Hope you’re doing okay!


I’m not big on unnecessary doctor visits, but go to someone you trust and ask if they think you actually need stitches, they may be able to butterfly it
You want to make sure it’s as clean as you think it is. Also, what did you cut it on?
That could say a lot
about risks for further trouble from it. Hope you’re well on your way to healing.


i used to work at faurecia exhausts, making exhausts for ford, they had all kinds of machines, and when someone cut themselves on those machines, they would advise you to go to doctor to make sure nothing off the machine got into the cut, on top of making sure you didn’t need stitches.