Strangest Ingredient


Apparently, camel milk is believed to cure all kinds of things from diabetes to cancer. There are very few camel dairies in America and they make millions because they listened to some woman’s advice who was prescribing it for people of all ages, it’s about $18/pint. I would definitely try it out :grin:


There are a few things I would like to try but I am to chicken…


I would have to say the snail mask.


Which ones?


I haven’t tried anything with strange ingredients. If I can’t find authenticated information on an ingredient that makes sense to me, I avoid it.


You know, I forgot about the beer. We used to comb it through, then use huge rollers or even beer cans with the ends removed. I t worked great, but my poor Mom was horrified at the sight of the can of stale beer on the sink!
Gonna have to do that again!


I remember reading in a teen magazine when I was that age that Catherine Zeta Jones used beer on her hair to make it long, thick and healthy. She’s always had pretty nice hair.


Would like to know what the bee pollen was for.I can’t think of anything I have tried that is strange, but I find all the comments here very interesting!!!


It was a bee pollen night cream from Mario badescu.
My skin looked radiant!

This prompted my own diy skincare with bee pollen trials.
I get my bee pollen from
local beekeepers.


“Diamonds” facial exfolient, I honestly think the only benefit in the opportunity to look like a snob.


If you have any further tips, I would love to learn more.
I have this whole jar of pollen I collected from our bees last week, but wasn’t sure what to do with it!
I am slowly learning how I can use all the things our bees produce!



Swiftlet nest extract in elizavecca EGF retinol cream!
It is so so weird and stringy but I really love it.


I love that you are beekeeping!
I want to get into this, too, after we get some chickens first :slight_smile:


Send it to me :wink:


Bee pollen is also considered a “Super Food”. Many people use it as a salad topping.
There are many benefits from eating bee pollen as well.

Google “Benefits of Bee Pollen”.


Can you recommend a product with these ingredients that’s effective?


I knew honey was good for you but I had no idea about their pollen. Thanks for sharing!

#38 that has some positive reviews as does but you might be able to purchase the extracts and add them into your moisturizer or make one of your own


Thank you Alpacas!


I can’t really recall using anything with strange ingredients. I guess I’m just not that adventurous when it comes to beauty and skincare. I did try some eye masks with 24 carat gold in them… I thought that was really strange at first. I’ve seen many other brands featuring gold in their products since then though.