STRESS! Lions and Tigers and Bears ... oh MY!


So im stressed. Like … REALLY stressed (as in losing my job soon due to an acquisition of the company I work for, interviewing for new jobs, not having luck, stressing over money, a job, security, etc.) and breaking out all over my chin and jaw line.
Any go-to products you use when your STRESSED? Not just for regular breakouts, mind you, but for UGLY cystic acne breakouts and stress induced acne?
And … GO! :kiss::heartpulse:
(And thank you in advance my friends! You’re my peeps now!)


I first would cut out as much sugar and dairy products as possible to see if that helps. Topical treatments, such as retinoids, antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, as well as salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, also are used to treat breakouts due to stress. I know my family doctor has prescribed me a retinoid and benzoyl peroxide in the past. Hoping things get better I can relate my daughter is having some major health issues. :heart::kissing_heart:


I went through over a decade of trauma and stress which exacerbated my acne, caused stomach ulcers etc, etc. I am studying to be a Holistic Practioner and can tell you through not only my education, but verifiable experience what can help IMMENSELY!
Magnesium number one. But there are 5 types and quality and type matter. After extensive research, including reading medical periodicals etc, I found the best ones for stress and bioavailability are: Magnesium Taurate, Magnesium Glycinate, Magnesium Malate. Most magnesiums sold on the market is magnesium oxide due to its inexpensive cost. However it is not readily absorbed by our body and doesn’t target the neuro and muscular pathways that are needed to reduce stress. Also, always choose gel caps never pills. The binders in the pills prevent 80% of the mg from absorption. Also a B complex vitamin. I promise you both will make a radical difference within a week. If I forget to take either I can feel a radical difference by the next day. Also meditation, exercise, yoga, time spent in nature… even nature sounds played nightly have scientifically been proven to reduce stress. Lavender essential oil has also been proven to promote relaxation, lower blood pressure and relieve stress. This can be diffused, or applied on the temples, or some inhaled from the bottle.
I’ve spent countless hours researching magnesium supplements and have tried a few different ones… effectiveness truly varies by type of magnesiums, deliver method and brand. Following is the one I’ve been using for a year. It successfully got me off my anxiety medicine and literally eliminated all anxiety and stress. Also, passionflower, valerian and kava kava herbal supplements are all great for acute periods of stress. Lymphatic drainage and massage are also miraculous as they release the toxins that build up from the stress and could be provoking the acne. A sauna too can help release the built up toxins extended stress causes.
[Magnesium Supplement I Depend on and Stand by](Triple Calm Magnesium - 150mg


Thank you for the words of wisdom! I rarely eat sugar or dairy already since having gastric bypass surgery in 2014 (they no longer like me … nor do I like them) so that is totally doable. :slight_smile: I think right now that you are right … visiting a doctor to find if there is any topical drugs that I can use. I cannot ingest things I used to take for acne (before the surgery) because it will rip my tiny tummy apart and/or I won’t absorb it into my system at all so it needs to be topical. I think perhaps a visit to a dermatologist might be in order. Yeah? Ugh. I DESPISE THIS KIND OF STRESS! Just when you make it to the top … BAM … you fall down the ladder.


There is so much I want to respond to (quote) in your post that it is pointless to select it all to quote it. :slight_smile: YAY! This is a GOOOOOOD thing!
We need MORE people like you in the field of holistic medicine. I’m a MT by trade. Taught for 17 years. Practiced for 25. I am on your side definitely. However … my body is a bit different. It’s been altered so that I could lose weight in order to not … well … basically not die from heart failure. I had gastric bypass in 2014 so there are SO many things I can’t absorb. The biggest are potassium, magnesium, and sodium. My tummy not what is left of my small intestine will not break them down. So if it isn’t drinkable, topical or sublingual … I’m out of luck. I have to take a chewable (not gummy … has to be hard chewable) multivitamin, a sublingual B-12 complex (at least 5,000 mg) and chewable calcium, high end probiotic, and biotin each morning. Then there are prescription drugs that I have to take that I can absorb (anti-anxiety, allergy med, tummy meds, birth control) in order to get through each day.
When people say that weight-loss surgery is the “easy way out” they have NO IDEA what we go through. The big, the bad, and the OH SO UGLY just to live a healthy life.
ANYWAY, I digress … I will look into a lot of what you have mentioned. I’ve been out of touch with holistic health over the past six or so years since leaving the MT field … and maybe it is high time I get back to it.
And like I state in my last comment … maybe I need to go and see a dermatologist. I NEED HELP!


Terri has some really good internal ideas. I would check with your MD just because your system is so radically changed. Externally, two things that have always helped me, though this sounds like a championship case of breakouts, are zinc oxide and also tea tree oil. They will help draw and dry and also kill off anything making itself at home in an individual localized spot.

The other thing that should help is some good body work. I don’t know if you ever see a chiropractor, but what might be even more helpful for you right now would be to tap into your massage contacts. Between the general relaxation and improved blood and lymph circulation, I’d be amazed if that doesn’t go a long way to making an improvement. Hope things straighten out soon. :cat:


Hi Emgie! I actually visit a chiropractor weekly (each Friday in fact) so I’ve got that down. Now … as for GETTING a massage … HAH! We MTs never treat ourselves. I need to STOP thinking of it as a treat and think of it as a necessity just like I tell clients to do. Go figure. We are horrible at taking care of US … only other people.
Thank you for the reminder and great words of advice! Keep them coming peeps!


Interesting and timely:


Thank you for you overly kind words. A good friend of mine went through gastric bypass so I know your great struggles!
But good news I have for you! Magnesium is available in a topical oil spray is supposedly better then taking it oral! (Remember our skin is the largest organ and absorbs 80% of what we use on it) Also b vitamin is also available sublingual. If you are very deficient, and you probably are given you gastric surgery), your doctor can give you B vitamin shots.


I realize my suggestion is easier said than done, but it is very helpful. Try not to allow your thoughts to go into the future with all of the “what ifs.” Sending your thoughts into the future, an unknown future, can only bring anxiety. Try to emotionally process each day as it comes. When your situation tries to lure you into questions about how you’re going to deal with some future problem (that may or may not happen), bring your mind back to the present and what’s actually in front of you.
Also, have you tried Aloe Vera Juice? It does wonders for the body, acne included. Here’s my favorite.


I have this in my fridge! :+1:


Journaling has really helped me. I don’t do it often enough, but if I can’t sleep because I’m ruminating over something, I find getting my thoughts out in a private and honest way really helps me release the anxiety.


Luckily, I take probiotics now so this is definitely a plus to read!


SAWEET on the spray!!! I do take the sublingual B vitamin already. I didn’t need to do the shots since by looking at my bloodwork, I absorb that just fine. :slight_smile:


Very good idea. I used to be so good with journaling … then fell out of the habit. With how busy life gets, we forget that sometimes stopping and writing it all down gets it out of our heads.


Oh how TRUE this is. Words of definite wisdom. THANK YOU!

I never have, no! Apparently I’m missing out!


Aloe is great internally for digestion and as an anti-inflammatory. @Freedom, how is the flavor of the one you recommended? I’ve tried some in the past, but it is like drinking a very strong floral essence and I couldn’t get past the taste. I take capsules now, but would prefer the juice
What benefits have you noticed since starting on aloe?


Our stomach is now considered our second brain! Probiotics produce MORE serotonin (the feel-good hormone) then our own body!
I used to have major depression and anxiety for over 20 years and on a variety of psych meds for it. Through proper nutrition, magnesium, and b-vitamins I got off all those nasty meds and have zero depression.
Thank you, I forgot to mention probiotics! They also promote weight loss, clear skin, help in detox and a myriad of other benefits. :two_hearts:
I am still seeking a go-to brand. Any recommendations?


DANG IT! I haven’t read up on it quite yet but with just that right there … it is out for me. I cannot take ANYTHING that has an anti-inflammatory in it or it will rip a hole right through my tiny tummy. Darn it!!!


I have chronic pain secondary to a car accident and spinal injury. I use aloe topically during nerve and muscle pain flair ups, instantly pain free! Come to find out it is comprised of salicylic acid, a natural derivative of aspirin. In addition to its myriad of other skin benefits. So if it bothers your tummy (can cause diarrhea)… slather it on topically!!! :grinning::wink::hugs: