Stress relief by shower products


have you ever just had a stressful day, and thought of the calgon slogan “calgon take me away” and purchased specific beauty care products that the scents just reminded you of a tropical rainforest or the beach or anywhere you find relaxing, and for the moment you just let the scents make you feel like you were in one of those places? i miss when they used to sale products that did that. anymore scents are either to strong, as in smell more like alcohol then the name of the scent, or they just aren’t strong enough to do this with.then you also have to make sure the products you buy don’t contain harsh chemicals. but i have always loved scents like after the rain or rainforest. theyhave a way of i guess you could call it comforting even if just while in shower, takes your mind to a happy place. one of the body wash samples from this community that smelled like orange dreamcicles ( sorry if i misspelled) and peppermint actually did just that for me. it was a very nice feeling to find another product that could actually do that again.just brought back good memories. anybody else ever do that with the products you buy for the shower?


This makes me think of how Bath & Body Works products made me feel. I haven’t bought anything from there in a long time, but I remember one lotion a friend had given me in middle school that was from there. It was some kind of tropical scent, definitely something with coconut. I’m almost positive it was this coconut lime breeze one, that sounds right lol. And even when I wasn’t looking to use it, I loved just opening the bottle to smell it. It was such a relaxing scent and always made me very happy. I can’t think of any shower products in particular that gave me the same reaction, but I’d love to find some!



yeah bath and body works body washes lotions and perfumes are really good at doing that i totally forgot about their line of products as i was writing this. that just looks like it would smell good


i think this is the shampoo and conditioner i used to use. i thought they had quit selling it. but it smelled really good and made my hair look , feel, and smell absolutely amazing.



I haven’t been really thought of bath products that bring back memories. Except for something I tried the other day smelled like Mr. Bubble bubble bath and it made me smile.



This a place our body wash can do some heavy lifting. I don’t know about you, but for me
the fewer steps to a daily routine, the more it’s likely to happen. If we can isolate scents with relaxing characteristics, we’re a leg up. If it’s moisturizing enough, lotion won’t be so necessary. We do want to respect those around us by not using something so scented that it becomes part of their world , asked for or not. That was one of the properties I really liked about the scented washes. The scent was good, but by the time you got out into the world for the day, you’d have to be seriously close to pick up on it. I guess part of the question is, what are we plugging into that so relaxes us? Is it a childhood memory, like Mr. Bubble, or is it the actual properties of the scent? Are we quietly drifting off to lavender or are the energizing scents of citrus actually relaxing us with a sense of capabilty to meet and welcome challenges? At any rate, yes, Calgon, take me away!


For me Vitabath would be nostalgic.
I haven’t smelled it in probably 30 years, but I’d know it immediately if I smelled it.



I can’t believe you mentioned VitaBath! :smile: As soon as I read the topic I thought about the green VitaBath I used to use and love!


i remember mr bubbles, i used to love the smell of it as a child as well :slight_smile: that just brought back really good memories. :slight_smile:


Absolutely yes! Im a bath fanatic. Im one who showers in the morning to start my day because well, my hair tends to be an absolute mess if I dont wash and style immediately. But my bath time is sacred and the products I buy are indicative of the fact that I enjoy destressing at the end of the day and smells are my big thing.


Plenty of body washes do this for me. I like Bath and Body Works because there are so many different scents especially around Christmas. I like peppermint, orange, lavender, and pine
tree smells.


bath and body works are my favorite ones as well due to scent . i love sugarplum, winter wonderland,on the holidays, and honeysuckle, lotus petal, and plumeria when they have them online,


You know what? This is one of the main reasons I didn’t really love body wash sample 01a. I need that good smell in the shower. It makes me feel relaxed (especially lavender and vanilla type smells).


i have to agree with you on that.


I love the smell of L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil.
it really soothes my soul.


Calgon…take me away.

Used to love the bath powder stuff.


That night time bath is an amazing thing, especially if everyone else has gone to bed. It’s not just a “get clean” thing!


I love ‘Rituals’ The Ritual of Ayurveda. Harmonizing Foaming Bath Gel. Smells so exotic and delightful and your skin soft as a baby’s bum. Stress relief yes definitely.


Bath & Body Works has some awesome products in the aromatherapy section. There are so many you can’t just pick one. That are made with essential oils so very calming and relaxing. You would probably love the shower steamers. Aromatherapy - Body Care & Spa Products | Bath & Body Works


bath and body works wild honey suckle.