Stretchmarks - how to get rid of them? what are the ways without surgery? or surgery is the only way?


how to get rid of stretchmarks on hips and thighs and other body parts


I know they have creams that can help fade them or reduce them. Besides that, can I think of. the other option is laser therapy but you’d have to do more research on the topic to be sure.


laser therapy? isn’t it very expensive?


it can be you’d have to visit a dermatologist to learn more. But as I mentioned there may be other forms of therapy too. I haven’t looked into the top much so I don’t know.


I dont think you can actually get RID of them without surgery (and then you only replace the stretch marks with scars) but you can use things like vitamin e oil mixed with cocoa butter to reduce appearance.


That’s the million dollar question! I put cocoa butter on my stomach starting on the day after I found out I was pregnant until I gave birth to my son. I didn’t get any stretch marks. Here’s what I found.



I was given evening primrose capsules and told to pierce one and use a little when I had that issue. Unfortunately, I didn’t heed the “little” part and I had to rub the whole capsule on the area. It did work for me but I have never really looked into why.

Thought that had some valuable information


I don’t have stretch marks, but I have some scars that I would like to diminish. Nothing that I have tried helps.