🗞 Studies prove makeup makes older women look younger and younger women look older




Yep, sounds about right. There have been many times where I do my makeup, take a step back, and feel like I look older than I should. It’s crazy! Unless I go in light, then there doesn’t seem to be too much of a difference. But I know I’ve also seen the opposite. Mainly when I see older women on YouTube putting on makeup.


I have thought this for years. You can really notice either, I really am for the minimal approach and accentuating natural beauty at every age.


I’m inclined to believe that many females already know this, and use it to their advantage. It explains why teenagers apply makeup when trying to pass for an age older than they are to get into a club or movie. It also explains why older women that need access to something that may be more tailored to a younger woman, like a particular job, would wear strategic makeup and even color her hair.


That sounds about right. But then again I think it may depend on your makeup technique. I’ve seen 12 yr olds apply layers of makeup and look at least 5 yrs older.


This is actually so true, but thankfully I started my make-up very late and thankfully it hasn’t fully messed up my skin yet…


lol this, it’s so true and I think it’s a completely bad idea (my personal opinion) because it can mess up their skin as they get older.


I’ve seen tutorials with kids that look like they are under 10 doing their make up and end up looking like 21 yr olds. I just don’t understand the appeal of applying a mask. I saw one video where i thought the girl used like 15 different products in total.


@vanessa6297 I totally agree with you. I also can’t wrap my mind around what kind of parent allows a child to engage in the practices of an adult? There’s a reason we grow in stages. If any of those stages is emotionally forfeited or denied, it results in disorder. Wearing makeup too early isn’t as harmless as playing dress up, it actually encourages more mature behavior. And how can you successfully exhibit true mature behavior when your mind is still immature?


I actually feel scared for my future children because children see others do, and they do the same thing. They won’t understand it until it’s too late.


I really enjoyed this! I guess this explains why when I’m out with my 24 year old daughter everyone thinks we are sisters. But hey, I will take it :grinning:


i have seen this time and time again with people that keep packing on the makeup all day long ! let your skin air out and breath please


I believe this whole heartedly. I am able to cover those pesky little lines that have popped up over the last few years.