Subscription Boxes?


Who does them?I just got my boxycharm for May and I recently cancelled my Sephora Play! membership because they were sending me the same stuff every month.Which are your favorites?


My wife did Stitch Fix for probably 8-10 months.
Initially it took a few months to get her stylist “dialed in” to her style and sizing.
She bought some nice pieces she still wears today, though most items were returned.
I remember how excited she would get whenever a box would arrive!
Each one would be opened with nervous anticipation about what would be found inside.
She’d put on a fashion show, and we’d harshly judge the outfits - it was fun!
Eventually though, she finally bought enough clothes and so it ran its course.


I used to use Ipsy and Julep. Julep I got for free for a month (they have nail polishes) and I was very disappointed. Ipsy was nice for my make-up needs in high school but like you said , edelorimier, you start to get similar things after a few months.


I absolutely love my boxycharm! I think it’s the best subscription box I’ve ever tried and you can’t beat the value. I also subscribe to Ipsy. Ipsy is fun for trying new brands and I’ve been getting some really great bags the last couple of months. I like that Ipsy tries to personalize your bag to your style and preferences.


I love Birchbox! I feel like I get stuff I actually want since I can review each product every month and tell them what I do and don’t like


Im subscribed to sephora play, ipsy, birchbox, boxycharm, and morphe Me. Boxy is my favorite!


It’s been a long time since I subscribed to a box, so long I can’t remember the name. I loved it when it came, especially since everything was full size, but it was overwhelming. I just wasn’t using all that! Every now and then, Birchbox looks like a good idea, but I’m still holding the line.


I’ve never tried a subscription box. I don’t have a lot of extra room so I don’t feel I need it.


I did Ipsy for a little while. I liked it. I think my daughters liked it more. They think little things of makeup are for them. They also loved the bags they sent. I do like to sample things before buying so the boxes are cool ways to do so. I just got a sample of Makeup Forever Ultra HD foundation and I would have NEVER taken a chance on a $40 bottle of foundation but I was so in love with the sample, I was happy to buy a full size.


I signed up for Stitch Fix and was all excited to see what I would get. Well, after 4 months of receiving them, I cancelled. I tried to be detailed and polite each month when I returned all the items, but it just didn’t seem to be a good fit for me. I get an Ipsy bag every month and enjoy trying new products they selected. I have more bronzer and brushes that I need or want, but really enjoy the other products I receive. I also get Birchbox, but this month is only my second one so I can’t say too much yet.


If I had enough in my budget, I would subscribe to Yogi Surprise.
I just really love yoga related stuff.
Julep has some good skin care items!
Love Korean skincare products.
I got a free trial of ellebox, which is for feminine hygiene(that time of the month) and they also include beauty items and chocolate or teas, to pamper yourself during that time.


The idea of the boxes sound enticing
but I don’t know much about them. Have not had much time to research but I do wonder if its worth the price.


I am on CrateJoys mailing list and have been very tempted to try a number of subscription boxes, they have them all in every category imaginable and often have deals. But I am very particular in my purchases, and even though deals might be had, I feel the benefit would be outweighed by the number of items I don’t end up using.I am subscribed to Jade Blooms (Essential Oil company) Collectors Club monthly subscription. As I know that I will always be able to use any essential oil or product using them. And I have yet to be dissapointed.


I haven’t tried any beauty boxes yet but I’ve definitely been considering the idea since I like to try different sample sizes of products anyway. I really like it the ability to try before I buy especially because some things are a “no” based on smell alone.


I have not tried and paid subscription boxes…I do use pinchme for a free smaple box.
I’m very frugal, and paying for a subscription to anything is not appealing to me.
I think “samples” should be free.


For me, I don’t have any. Being a mom of two to spend that money each month when it could go to my boys… I can’t see myself doing that.


I use IPSY and FabFitFun. IPSY is fun getting sample sized products, some I’ve never heard of. It’s really inexpensive! I’ve only received one FabFitFun box so far and love all of the full sized products. Love that I usually don’t know what I’m getting until it’s here!


I have never signed up for any monthly subscriptions…


i used to get ipsy but the products were small


I did Ipsy for 6 months or so. At first it was great, but the I started getting the same things over and over again.