Subscription Boxes?


I tried some others, but I always stick with Ipsy.


I do BoxyCharm, Ipsy and Birchbox but Boxy is my fave!


So far, Ipsy is my favorite. I do like the Allure Beauty Box. I like to try all different kinds. Graze Box is also very yummy.


I have never signed up for any monthly subscription boxes. I love to try the products before buying a product.


I subscribe to sephora play… getting a lot of the same things can be frustrating but I figure for the price compared to price of their in store samples I’ll continue my subscription. Every once in a while I find a new love thanks to it. Scent Bird is very very tempting to try but the reviews they get aren’t the best.


I have been really tempted to try Fab fit fun or Glossybox, but I just don’t know. Has anyone one here ever tried those? I do love my boxycharm, and ipsy is pretty good too. But I’ve been wanting to try something different.


I pulled back the reigns on boxes this past year, but have ordered Target boxes recently. I appreciate that I don’t have to subscribe. If I do suscribe again it would be to Allure and the one from New Beauty


I get Boxycharm and Ipsy, and my husband actually gets a couple of different hot sauce boxes (Fuego Box being one of them I know). We also get a Japan Crate, which is Japanese snacks.


I recently started ordering from Butcher Box, and it’s super cool! Sourcing is incredibly important when it comes to what we put on AND in our bodies, and this is a great way to guarantee that your proteins are raised healthfully. After all, you are what you eat (and what you eat eats!) Gut health and digestion are directly related to skin health, and we certainly don’t need any extra junk in our diets. It’s super convenient to have frozen products shipped directly to your door, and you can customize the timing and contents of your deliveries. They are running a special right now to get 2 pounds of wild caught Alaskan Sockeye Salmon free with your first order! Here’s a link:


I was getting the Sephora Play box for a while, but I just recently cancelled it.
I decided it really wasn’t worth the money.
It was fun to get to try new products but I found a lot of what I received wasn’t the type of product I enjoy using.


I just discovered them and I am currently waiting on my first Ipsy bag.


I used to do ipsy but got tired of it quickly b/c the sizes were too small and the amount of glam bags in my collection was just too much. I also used to have glossybox which i loved! It’s similar to boxycharm but more of brands that are lesser known but have found lots of favorites. I cancelled it b/c I was trying to focus on paying my bills and trying to save money. If i had to do another box i would deff do boxycharm. the values seem with it with the amount of products you get. As for sephora (which Im a sephora employee) I don’t think the sephora play box is worth it. You can walk into any sephora, get customized
and as a client you can have as many as you want. Hope that helps.


Cancelled Sephora Play! too because too many repeats. I am a big fan of the larger boxes now – love FabFitFun and Style Box. I did NOT love Bless Box – it doesn’t have enough high-end for me to validate the cost


I just signed up for Birchbox. If anyone is interested, they have a code right now where you can get two boxes for the price of one for your first month. The code is Extrabox. I love my Boxycharm and ipsy, but this sounded like a great deal and I’ve been wanting to try something new.


I absolutely love subscription services and use a few. Ipsy, Birchbox, Sephora Play, Boxy Charm, Allure, Walmart, Glossy Box, and Lavish for beauty related and Trunk Club and Evereve for clothing. I also use Fab Kids and Easy Kicks for my grandchildren as well. I love Cratejoy and could literally go broke for all the awesome subscription boxes out there. Lavish has been my new favorite as it is bath products and I’m addicted to bath bombs and scrubs. I enjoy trying new products and keeping up with new products on the market so I find the boxes to fit perfectly for me.


You win the award for most subscription boxes ever!


Lol Seriously! I do the Julep boxes, but not every month. There are so many subscription boxes to choose from… it’s a little overwhelming for me actually.


i don’t use subscription boxes. i had tried ipsy and walmart box but just did not like most of the things they sent


I’ve never tried a Subscription Box. Most of the offerings I’ve seen didn’t have a full assortment of products I would use.


Reddit has an active and lively beauty box sub. Definitely worth pursuing if you’re conflicted. They do share spoilers so if you like surprises.

I currently just get the one from Allure, and I generally buy the Target ones, which don’t require a subscription, they do go fast though! Against my better judgement and politics, I have done Walmarts bc it was just 5 bucks and was pleasantly surprised.

I am on a waiting list for Ricky’s, bc they have a lot of funky makeup which is more of my scene.
If you have Prime Amazon has boxes of samples and you get credit in that department, I have personally not done this.