Subscription Boxes?


I used to do Ipsy but was getting the same things every month so I finally cancelled.
I missed getting a little “surprise” in the mail every month so I get Sephora Play now and love it.
I prefer getting smaller samples of high end makeup and have found a lot of products that I love!


I’ve been doing ipsy for about 15 months now. I keep considering canceling but then my new bag has 1-2 things I really end up liking so continue with it.
I’ve only gotten 1 repeat product and it was a face wash I really liked so had no issues with that.


They don’t make my favorite subscription box anymore—it was a Korean
skincare one called 3B. I tend to like beauty boxes that focus on skincare rather than cosmetics because I would get so many colors I couldn’t use… I liked Allure, but started getting too many tiny samples that it didn’t seem worth it. The Target and Walmart boxes are fun mainly because they are a good value.
I didn’t think the Bless box was worth it.
I like the Fab Fit Fun and popsugar ones but they are pricey. It’s a great way to find new brands though!


Ipsy or Birchbox is fun to try new items that you didn’t know existed. However some of these items cam be expensive if you wanted to buy a fullsized product. I recommend Wal-Mart’s beauty box. You receive a biz 4X a year, $5 each box. They send good quality (natural, organic, etc.) items and they’re affordable and easy to purchase later.


It’s good to hear that low price. I’ve spent more on boxes that had great products that I couldn’t realistically buy on any kind of regular basis. Every now and then, I’ll just go for it on something, which is likely what the manufacturers of those higher items are counting on. Love can be cruel (and expensive!).


I do ipsy and walmart beauty box.
I tried boxy charm, but went right back to ipsy.
Walmart’s box is good to stock up on travel size things for vacation.


2 months ago I signed up for Rocksbox and am LOVING it! It is a jewelry subscription box. You get 3 new items a month for $21. They have a massively huge selection of items that you put on your wish list, or you can let a stylist choose. You can view your selection before the items ship, or wait to be surprised. All the jewelry is high quality designers like Kate Spade. You may keep any items you want and use the $21 credit to purchase them, or mail them back free with the included shipping label. So essentially, it’s like renting-to-own jewelry. You can keep the pieces as long as you want or ship them back for another set. Making your accessories fresh, new and endless. Link for the first month FREE (cancel anytime)


I’ve known a couple of people who’ve done that box and also loved id.


I’m always impressed with my Walmart box, love stocking up on deodorant and travel size products!


So, I’ve been wanting to try a Beauty Box subscription for some time. Also been wanting to try Kat Von D makeup line. I just signed up for the Allure Beauty Box to get the best of both worlds. June Box includes full sized products of Kat Von D Lipstick, Tattoo Eyeliner, mirror and transforming walnut scrub. $70 value, all for $10. Getting excited to receive my first



A link of the Best 6 Fragrance Subscription Boxes.



Ipsy, but after being charged double on my cc, I cancelled.


My absolute favorite subscription service I have ever received is Boxycharm, I’ve always been happy with the products I’ve received as well as the overall value of the box. Other subscription boxes I have tried are Ipsy, Birchbox, Julep Maven, Liveglam (Makeup brushes box) and FabFitFun (its seasonal though but it’s really nice!) Some boxes that I have looked at but never tried are Allure beauty box, BeautyFIX, Glossybox, Lip Monthly, Macy’s beauty box, and Sweet Sparkle. You can go to and they have tons and TONS of them listed and show you what they are (by category which is awesome) and you can get coupons off of your first box for A LOT of them from that page! Check it out,( My Subscription Addiction on all social media I believe but I know for sure that’s the website! I think you will really like their site, it’s really helpful and I’ve always found tons of boxes that I hadn’t never heard of! :kissing_heart:


Since I just started playing with makeup and a real skin care regimen around March … I have only subscribed to Ipsy thus far. I do like what I’ve gotten the past four months so I’ll keep going until I find that it’s becoming repetitive. For only $10 a month, it’s fun to try the new products. I also usually buy the $7 per month Beauty Box online from Target. There is a men’s and a women’s monthly :nail_care: Beauty Box :lips:as well as a few other choices. But it isn’t a subscription; you have to physically go to the website and order it each month if you want it. There is another box out there that gives you seven full sized products for $40-$50 per quarter … I think it is called Fab Fit Fun or something close to that. I’m very intrigued by it but I haven’t flipped over the cash for it as of yet. :money_with_wings:


I just recieved boxycharm and glossybox they was both good and I’m getting ready for my ipsy to come and I always love it.those three are real good plus some indie brands have boxes and they are equally good


I’ve looked at a few, but never committed to any. If I did, I’d want one that focuses on kbeauty!


I attempted a free ipsy box but wasn’t really into the items they sent me. It seemed like things that I wouldn’t use. I canceled before I was sent a new box, even after I heard to be careful not to pick too many things in your interests survey if you want to get things you may really like. I know a few people like theirs but I still wasn’t a fan of not knowing what they may possibly send. I was interested in the fabfitfun box but never purchased since I wasn’t sure if it would be worth it or if I would enjoy what was in the box, despite liking the items from some of the other boxes they posted. I also considered the target and walmart boxes, since you can pick which ones to purchase “free” with the price of shipping.


Wal-Mart has a beauty box like the Target one you mentioned for $5!


I have tried just about everyone out there. I usually get bored and then try something new, but my favorite I would have to say was New Beauty’s Test Tube.


I have just subscribed to several within the last two months: Allure, Birchbox, Boxycharm, Cult Crushes, Look Fantastic (by Elle Magazine) & Petitivior. So far I have found that they are worth the investment. I don’t always use every single product, but always enough that more than pay for the box. Besides the thrill of a monthly surprise, I’ve found some products that have made a radical difference in my skin and that I will be buying regularly in the future. I’ve also made some great gift baskets and bags of the few that are not suitable for me and have given them as gifts.
I found a GREAT site that outlines in extensive detail every single subscription box. With contents, and the retail price of each product within so that you can view the cost savings. In General a 50% or more savings is represented rather than buying the products individually. Some services even allow box customization and future discounts if you reorder the item. Most include a beauty profile so that the items are specifically catered to your needs and desires. Through the following site current and past boxes as well as contents with reviews of items within are thoroughly reviewed. They also have all other subscription box included on this site, not just beauty. If you are new to subscription boxes or considering adding another, I encourage you to check out this site: