Suggestions and questions

When Community Cosmetics was launched last May there was talk about an online store being made after products like the body wash, lotion, etc were finalized. Has anyone heard any news about testing products besides the Face-Off ones?

I normally don’t go on this website much anymore due to everything I see posted being about the moisturizer trials they keep doing. I’m just curious to see if I missed a post.

Communication used to be better when they started up especially when it comes to the emails. I think mostly I feel this way because some of the original members like myself haven’t been included in much over the last 6 months or so ever since the spotlight has been on Face-Off.

I’m sure they/creators of CC would appreciate feedback too. Please comment if you have answers to my questions or have feedback for CC.


I’m new here but I’d love to be able to buy things.

I’m new, so I haven’t heard of many trials, maybe one, I think for very active members

Agreed! Also, it’s kind of a pain in the butt! I wish that there was a community application for our phones/ tablets. I’m sure people would be far more active if it was more of a social media style experience.

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Yeah I’m also not a fan of this specific forum software. It’s pretty popular and I see it on a lot of tech support sites, but I’m not sure if it’s the most conducive for a community atmosphere.

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