Supplements for Hair, Skin, and Nails?


A month before we were getting married, my wife sent me to her fancy stylist for a trim.
When I walked outside of the salon she burst out laughing, and then instantly into tears - it was a remarkable reaction… My long curly hair was reduced to a bob!
We drove to Whole Foods and she bought me some men’s hair growth pills, which I rediscovered today and serve as the inspiration for this post.
I’m not sure if they had time to work, but it made her happy knowing I was taking them.Do you take any internal beauty supplements?
What are they, how long have you been taking them, and do they work for you?


I do not. I’ve tried samples of hair and nails vitamins but I didn’t feel they were for me. I think everyone has a varying result to products like these.


I do not take any.


How interesting! Maxi Hair is one of my favorite supplements, the one for women. :slight_smile:️ It’s chock full of ingredients that benefit the hair. Another of my favorite supplements is Moringa Oleifera. The benefits aren’t limited to beauty, but if you’re healthy, it permeates to your appearance.



I don’t take any but I have heard that taking prenatal vitamins is great for your hair skin and nails.


i don’t take any


I am currently taking a hair, skin & nail supplement, because I won three bottles. It is about a month in honestly have not noticed much of a difference at this point. They are gummies and well, I like candy, so I figured what the hell.
Most of what I have heard and read is anecdotal:
but during my stint in cosmetology school we were taught that they only thing that could feasibly make a difference is Biotin.

Which, if I am of the understanding is one of the vitamins that is increased in the prenatal ones.

Our hair has three stages of growth anagen, catagen, and telegen & one is growing while one is falling out. ( .there is a lot of stuff at play: genetics, age, diet, environmental, stress, pregnancy and medications. I have a girlfriend who had an alarming amount of hair loss this past winter &
it was about three months after a very stressful period . She was out of the stressful period, but she was experiencing the hair loss from that.
This article goes into the science… My boyfriend has long hair & I am cracking up because while he was growing it out, there was a stage where I had to trim layers into it bc was starting to look like a bob .


I take biotin.
I had bariatric surgery and taking it daily helped save my hair when it started thinning out. Now it is growing back and fast.


I used to take biotin for hair and nails years ago.
Then found a cheaper and seemingly more effective for me, prenatal vitamins!
My hair and nails grow like crazy on cheap prenatal vitamins!


I have been taking biotin since I was diagnosed with Alopecia, over a year now. I personally don’t think it does much for my hair growth, but it does make my nails grow faster. I take Vitafusion Gorgeous Hair, Skin, and Nails


I think we might be losing sight of why these things might or might not work…adequate nutrition. Sometimes things like hair loss are genetically based and that’s a whole different animal, but even then, enough quality food, tailored to an individual’s need, can make a huge difference. Adequate B vitamin intake will do a lot for hair and nails. Sufficient water is seriously important for healthy skin. If for some reason you’re not able to get enough of what you need from your diet, buy the best vitamins you can afford and remember to take them.
Combination type supplements are probably more expensive but less personally tailored to your needs. Try good basics.


I’ve had samples of some of these products but I was never committed enough to continually take them. I just take other supplements/vitamins that are good for you like fish oil, vitamin B, sometimes vitamin C, etc.


I have super thin and fine hair so I’ve been taking different supplements for many years.
I even tried women’s rogaine at one point.
Nothing really seemed to work.
Recently I received a free bottle of Centrum multi + beauty gummy vitamins and I took those for a month.
I have actually seen some improvement in my hair and a ton of improvement in my nails.
My hair doesn’t seem any thicker but it doesn’t fall out as much so that’s got to be helpful!
But my nails are definitely stronger: this is the first time in my life I can ever remember having long nails.
So I will definitely keep taking these vitamins and see if my hair and nails continue to get stronger.


My mom used to take a supplement for hair skin and nails a long time ago, it might have been from Nature’s Bounty. I was pretty young at the time and didn’t know much about them, but would take one every now and then and it always made me feel like I was doing something good for myself (although I’m sure we can all agree taking one once in a while isn’t going to do squat lol.) I had a pixie cut and started growing it out maybe 2 years ago and I wish I thought to use a supplement! I think they might have helped to make my hair grow faster. But it also seems like some people here have had no luck with them, so I guess it also could’ve ended up being a waste of time and money! It’s interesting to see people have had some different experiences though


There is nothing I take specifically for beauty, but I do take a GNC Multi vitamin, fish oil, vitamin C & D.
I do think supplements are tricky to know for sure what is helping, at least as far as beauty/aging goes.
For instance, if you take a supplement that is good for your skin and begin to see fine lines/wrinkles does that mean the supplement isn’t working or does it mean you would have been worse off without it?
I do know that when I was pregnant and took prenatal vitamins, my hair and fingernails grew a lot faster and fish oil does help my eyes from feeling dry.


I’ve gotten samples of Biotin pills but I think I need to be on them for a couple weeks to notice any big changes.


I don’t take them. I used to but felt like I was throwing my money away. I try to get all my nutriets through food. I will say this: I was in the habit of eating coconut butter(not oil), a couple of spoonfuls everyday. My hair and nails were in the best condition that they have ever been. The best part…coconut butter is so DELICIOUS!


I recently started taking Vitafusion Gorgeous Skin, Hair, and Nails. I also take a multivitamin everyday. I haven’t really noticed a difference in my skin or hair yet, but I don’t think I’ve been taking them long enough to really see any results yet. I’ve still got my fingers crossed for gorgeous hair and perfect skin though…lol. I will definitely let everyone know if I find something amazing that truly works.


I take skin, hair and nail vitamins as well as biotin and they really make my nails grow fast. Unfortunately I don’t care about my nails, I just wanted my skin to be healthy and my hair to be long!
Once it gets to a certain length it stops growing.


I always take
multivitamin and I usually add B vitamins and/or a biotin supplement and fish oil. Fish oil keeps my skin from being as dry and just a multivitamin in general seems to be really good for my skin and hair. I recent purchased One a Day Womens and my nails are growing like crazy. These vitamins work well and
are very inexpensive. They have extra biotin built in, so that’s one less pill I have to take. Personal mileage may vary of course so it may not work for everyone. Also, if you don’t gradually increase biotin it can cause some breakouts as your skin adjusts.