Tattoo Removal


I have had a tattoo on my right arm for about 6 years now. I got it when I was in my early 20’s when I was trying to “find myself” and create an Identity. Though i like the tattoo, I wish I wouldn’t have gotten it. (I know, i know… I was young and my brain was only in the beginning stages of truly developing ;P) anyways, the tattoo is an arrow and it says WANDERLUST. I have others on my body, (both sides of my ribs and a little bird on my left wrist which can be hidden with bracelets. I have been looking into getting the arrow one on my arm removed because I dont want it to be seen anymore. (i love the art work of it and the meaning but I do believe I am getting to the age where I dont want it to be seen in plain sight and i just wish I would have waited and picked a better spot.)

So my question is… Is there anyway to make it fade without having to go through the whole laser removal process? Its is black with just two stripes of color. I know that the laser process is the best way to get it done but its also expensive. It may take up to 10 sessions to make it completely disappear. Is there a home remedy that can make it go away or at least fade enough to where I wont have to have so many sessions to get it removed? Its not the pain that bothers me, its the cost. I live in north Dallas, Texas and I’m open to recommendations for places to go get it professionally removed that doesn’t cost more and than 70 dollars per session. im also open for and advice or recommendations to make it fade by doing it myself.

any and all suggestions are appreciated. Thanks so much! .


Hi Lauryn! I too, have the exact same issue! Mine is a small star by my eye though. Laser is extremely expensive and I am not familiar with any other options on this . I’m tired of using bandaids & makeup to cover it! I hope someone out there has a suggestion! Good luck to u, I’m glad I’m not the only one who went to extremes ‘finding herself ‘ lol :two_hearts:


A tattoo removal cream, this would truly be a miracle cream! I’m sure there are people working on this, but I’m not aware of anything that would help fade a tattoo. As far as I know laser would probably be your best option :frowning:


@Ali i am so happy that you replied to my post. I’m going to Message you!


@John I am going to dig deep and try to find something. (but you are right, laser would be my best option right now. i might give in and pay for the laser sessions.) thanks for replying!


Please let us know if you find a cream to fade tattoos.