Tattoo TLC


I’m not sure how many other people have multiple tattoos like I do. If you do, you know they need extra TLC when they’re healing and also to look their best. Sunscreen is also vital since the UV from the sun breaks down the inks and causes fading. That being said what are your favorite skin care products for tattoos?I primarily stick with Tattoo Goo’s Ink Fixx which is petroleum and lanolin free, no dyes or fragrances but unfortunately doesn’t have any added spf.


I don’t have any tattoos but I’ve heard to leave them covered for awhile until it’s not sore anymore and to limit how much you’re outside.


I have tattoos that show, and found that products that are marketed as specifically for tattoos have the same ingredients as regular products, but are more expensive: i.e. healing lotion. Aquaphor is by far the best for healing!


A&amp:d while healing to keep it moist. Dont let direct sunlight touch it. I kept mine covered when i was in the sun while healing.


I used AD ointment when mine were fresh, i have somewhat fair skin so I always use sunscreen all over when I am in the sun. I haven’t had any that have faded and my oldest first one I got 10 years ago.


I don’t have tattoos, but I’ve also heard that Aquaphor is recommended :slight_smile:


I have multiple tattoo’s, went through a phase many years ago…I now use a body lotion bar made with Shae butter to make them look less dull.
They have faded over the years.

When they were new and still healing I know I was pretty relgious about putting an ointment on them (can’t remember what it was…my newest tattoo is 10 years old) and at first I kept them covered if I was out in the sun.


I only have my hubby’s signature on my ring finger but my favorite SPF is by ELTA MD fabulous brand.


The only suggestion I can make is to keep it clean and protected when healing. I’ve never seen a ta that didn’t fade a little in time.


I don’t have any tattoos, I used to really want a few though! All of this info is great to know if I ever decide I want them again!


I don’t have any tattoos but I have heard to use non-scented lotion such as Cetaphil because the chemicals in certain fragrances could
react with your tattoo
in a not so awesome way and substantially slow down your healing time.


I use a series of oils and treatments:

  1. Vitamin E Oil and Tea Tree Oil (switch every day)- I apply this every day and it both accelerates the healing process and lets the tattoo breath.2. Mango Butter and Sesame Oil: I apply this every night.Hope this helps!


i have always just used EUCERIN, they have a lotion with spf in it, they also have ointment type lotions. i switch up on which i use when the weather changes.


Actually, the mango butter and sesame oil sounds like an amazing body wash!


I really have no idea how to care for a healing tattoo. Sorry I’m no help, but I hope it heals up beautifully.


All my friends who have tattoos say that they need to heal like wounds almost.
Vitamin E helps with skin regrowth and tea tree oil helps with keeping bacteria at bay.


From what I have heard and read in his forum A and D ointment is the best!
I always used both their red tube and blue for diaper rashes on my daughter.
They worked fast to protect her delicate skin.


I recall when a friend of mine had a tattoo that was healing. She had to let it breathe for a bit then apply ointment. She also covered it with a clean bandage.


I don’t have any but a close friend of mine uses Aquaphor.


I actually just got my first tattoo on Thursday so this thread is very helpful! I’ve been using A and D Ointment, but I’ve heard a lot of people say a lot of different things.