Teenage acne help , any products that work?


Anyone have any experience with acne products for teenage boys? I have tried a few for my son but they don’t work, tried different clearasil, did one called cureology and now using acne free, none are helping. Any advice is appreciated


One of my sisters got into the Proactive trap. It worked while she was continually using it, but it had a lot of side effects, and stopped working if she didn’t use it consistently. She still gets sent random deliveries from them, and bills, even though she cancelled years and years ago… she’s 40!

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My daughter has been having breakouts on her forehead and asked me to help. I also have some breakouts around my period. So, I tried a little tube of “acne med 5%” I got from a medical spa. The brand is face reality skincare.

It is a bit pricey for a 1 fl oz tube compared to the various other acne products I’m used to buying, but so far I’m noticing a difference in the breakouts for both of us. I saw a 10% concentration but didn’t want to jump into that in case one of us had a reaction.

But, I think it has the same active ingredient (benzoyl peroxide) as Acne Free so it might not be helpful in your case. :frowning:

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Hey! First and foremost tell your son it will clear up!! A lot of teenage boys get it. My brother used everything under the son. Cetaphil worked wonders!!! I would try a facial cleanser from them and a moisturizer. That’s it!!! Sometimes the skin breaks out and gets funky from fragrances and not moisturizing! It’s honestly all hormones that’s causing it but cetaphil will definitely help!

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Sorry for hijacking your thread. The only thing that ever worked for me was accutane. I tried (not sure on the spelling for everything): ProActive, Murad, benzyl, peroxide, Differin, Tazarac, antibiotics, birth control pills, different type of soaps, lotions, etc. After 10 years I gave up and used accutane.
Yet I don’t think I would give a teenager this because you have to be very careful about taking it, get all the required blood tests, etc and there are potential risks.

One suggestion: it took awhile for the dermatologist to realize that my acne was partly caused by dry skin, not oily skin (like I thought). Also for regular use or if I’ve extracted my face, I’ve been using Stylefox Anti-Redness Calming mask. It has a ton of great ingredients for clearing acne while calming the skin like sulfur, bentonite, zinc, aloe and chamomile.

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Has he tried tea tree oil? Works really well! There are lots of ways to use it, like mixing it with bentonite clay to make a face mask.


We have not tried that yet, will look into it!

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This link is from web MD, I know there are so many products out there and it’s probably something you have to learn threw trial and error to see what works for him because I know some people that swear by proactive and others hate it. I’d suggest to do some research and see what skin type he has, maybe a dermatologist can suggest something? I know alot of it is part of being a “teen” which sucks!