The Face-Off Dark Circle Challenge has OFFICIALLY BEGUN! 🎉


Hello Community Cosmetics!

Face-Off Update

IT’S ALL HAPPENING! We’ve notified the 148 people who have been accepted to be part of this Face-Off Challenge and have shipped products out.

If you were notified, you should start receiving your products in your mailboxes as soon as tomorrow and that means we are officially kicked-off!!! :tada: :tada: :tada:

To the 147 members of @FO_Dark_Circles_01, please pay close attention to the instructions below:

You will be receiving 2 different dark circles products in the mail. They are labeled “R” or “L” and then have a number between 1-12. “R” means that it is for your right eye and “L” means that it is for your left eye. They are labeled with numbers because we are testing not 1, not 2, but TWELVE different dark circles products, which means we will be getting some incredible data on which products actually work!

You will be applying your products twice per day - once in the morning before makeup and once in the evening after washing your face.

Please follow these instructions exactly . It’s very important you apply the products consistently for 30 days, twice per day, and to take your daily photo just after cleansing but prior to applying your products We will get the most benefit from the study when everyone follows the same routine.

  1. Wash and dry your face before applying the products.

  2. Now that your face is clean and dry, we want you to take your pictures before applying your products! Because you will get the best results from using the products twice per day, decide when you want to take your daily selfie pics for the forum, either am or pm. We don’t need a pic per application, once per day only please, but we ask you to decide now if you will be an am or pm selfie pic taker and stick to that regimen. We may get mixed results if some days you take your selfies in the am after a shower and other days in the pm after a long day. It doesn’t matter whether you choose the am or pm to take your pics, what matters is that you are consistent in taking them either in the am or pm. Please let me know if this is not clear.

  • Take your front, and side photos… for a total of three pictures. Remember all the trouble we went through to get those pics with the good lighting? Good! Now let’s replicate those conditions so we continue to get excellent quality pictures for the study. Take your pics before applying the products. Because the purpose of the study is to gauge the effects of the products over the course of 30 days, we’re not interested in pictures demonstrating short-term affects immediately after applying the products, so take them before applying the products.
  1. Apply the products with your ring finger, applying a pea-sized amount to each eye from inside to outside.

  2. Open jar R and apply a small amount to the Right eye area. Close jar R .

  3. Rinse and dry your application finger.

  4. Open jar L and apply a small amount to your Left eye area. Close jar L .

  5. Crop and upload your pics to a personal topic, labeled “Face-Off: Dark Circles - [First Name, Last Name]” with Face-Off Dark Circles 01 labels. You will be replying to this topic for all 30 days of the study, please do not create a new topic everyday. Remember all that jazz above about whether you will be taking your selfies in the am or pm? Good!

Note: Take your Day 1 pics following your first day of using the products. For example, if you get home from work and receive your creams on Thursday, and apply your products Thursday night, take your first pic Friday.

That’s it! Please respond if you have questions. You may begin using your creams as soon as you receive your package. It’s always fun to see when everyone receives their packages, so we encourage you to post your pics on the Face-Off Dark Circles 01 General Discussion Face-Off: Dark Circles 01 General Discussion Topic and if you’re so inclined, invite your friends on social media to follow.

A final note about Face Off

Community Cosmetics goes to great trouble and expense to launch product testing opportunities. In order for us to continue to give away free products to test, it’s very important that the people we choose to work with finish their assignment. Your ability to successfully complete this study grants you preference for future study and product testing opportunities. BONUS! If you successfully complete your Face-Off Challenge, you will be entered to win a special prize!

Face Off FAQ
Hello! And what's coming up in Community Cosmetics!

So incredibly excited about this!!! :slight_smile:


I don’t think this is made for me as I only got one email during this whole thing and that is this one

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Am I apart of this?


I don’t know if I am either but I did get an email did you?


I didn’t see my name in the list, so I wasn’t sure if that meant I was apart of the Dark Circle Challenge?


Very excited to start and thank you for selecting me! :smile:


I just joined recently so I am excited to take part! Thanks for the opportunity!


Very excited to get started! Are there any examples of the 3 pictures you want us to take once per day? I want to make sure I take them correctly. Ty


Very excited to be a part of this or atleast I hope I am… I did get the email and this was on my dashboard… Very exciting


Is. There a reason I got this email, because I didn’t see my name


I am new and i dont know how to create a discussion or is there a group togo under and post this ? Also, we take 3 photos (front, right and left) a day & upload all 3 once a day correct?
Thank you so much for your help

Talk to you soon

Cassandra Robinson
Also am i apart of this challenge?


I hope they give you the answers to your question as I am new also and would like to know@Cassandra. I’m excited also!!


Would be nice but i did not see my name on the list which idk how I even got to it now but hopefully we are apart of it!! :blush:


Oh this is fantastic. Experimentation with cosmetics and skin care is so exciting!


Very much excited for this challenge!


Just to be sure you said I signed the contract 6 days late but I filled it out about a week to 2 weeks after I applied. I always keep track of my emails. So I attached the contract and it says the date. I never received one before then. I just want to be sure I’m in so I can be prepared. Thanks. Screenshot_20190314-210903_Gmail|243x500


I don’t see where I got another e-mail for this challenge - not sure what “list” people are referring to - I, too, would like tips on what sorts of pictures you’re looking for. I’ve read (and will re-read) the instructions, but…I’m not completely sure what I’m doing yet; this is my first one! Thanks!


Also…not sure why I’m in “dark circles” when my real problem is puffy eyes! :open_mouth: Oh, well!