The Ordinary

Recently the brand “The Ordinary” started selling at Ulta. I was curious if anyone has any experience with this brand? I keep hearing all great reviews, and the prices are definitely right. I just want to hear from real people if the products actually work and are worth investing?

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I have not yet but going to look into it.Go to ultra they usually let you sample product at stores

Never heard the brand got to google it and research it.Ultr assisiates can help you answer that question too.

I was on their site they explain their product as amazing with a lot of benefits even offer refund 365 days a year…but no samples. Availables which I was hoping for.I was trying to find more online reviews but did not.But is worth trying,they offer refund if not satisfied.

Ulta does not let you get samples from all brands. Only Lancôme and Clinique

Haven’t heard of it.

I use their peeling solution, and I love it. I only got it at the suggestion of a friend - otherwise, I had heard of the brand, but it seemed too technical for my limited knowledge of skincare. I’d be curious to learn more about what products would help with my skincare issues!

They were featured in Ulta’s ad this month.