๐Ÿ—ž The rise of fake Amazon reviews โ€” and how to spot them



amazon had to close some of these fake reviews accounts.


Amazon should not allow bait and switch! If a seller wants to update a description or picture, then it should go through a review process so they canโ€™t cheat!

I did not use Amazon prior to their TOS update a couple years ago, but wouldnโ€™t it be better to go back to the way it was? It is against FCC regulations not to disclose if you got a free or discounted product, so just let people use disclosure and have a filter option so people can opt to read reviews on the free/discounted items or not.

I have used coupon codes before and a review is not required, there is nothing wrong with using a coupon, but it really sucks not being allowed to write a review good or bad on these items because sometimes people really should know if you had an exceptional experience or not. So because I got a 10% discount on a sleeping mask, I canโ€™t tell people that it is far superior to the 5 others I had purchased at full price before it. I also canโ€™t write a bad review if the item really sucked for the same reason. I feel like so many problems would be eliminated if Amazon just allowed people to use disclosure again instead of banning all discounted reviews.


I saw that article the other day. Amazon is getting better at cracking down on fake reviews but many people have been banned from reviewing too. But Iโ€™ve come across reviews that are fake and you can spot them easily. For instance, I was looking up info on a running mask once. They were only offered in one color Black. yet the reviews I saw shared that the buyer had purchased various colors. Iโ€™ve also noticed you can spot the translations as well. If the person is posting on the US site from a non-English speaking country. Hopefully, they will shut down the shady sellers and fake reviewers.


I agree. I find it funny people who reviewed for websites or for products with coupons codes have been banned from reviewing and leaving questions. Yet Amazon is okay with the Vine program. Itโ€™s basically the same thing. People were sent items to review and Amazon just added the Vine reviewer header to their posts.


I have received some email invitations to review products on Amazon. Those companies encourage you to give their products 4 or 5 stars. Based on this not so subtle prodding, I think it hooks the reviewer into a dishonest way to keep getting free products.