To Keto or not to Keto


I have been hearing more and more about the keto diet. I know that there are two ways to go about the diet too. 1) you go on a very strict diet 2) you buy the Purefit Keto supplements. Has anyone ever tried either of these. I’d love to hear what you think about both ways of going about this Keto diet and also I’d love to know what you think and if it actually works!


My daughter did the diet, very hard, I would love to know about supplements also


I’m not going Keto, but I am low carb (<30g) and low sugar, and have fewer mid-day food cravings now that I’m not snacking. It was very difficult to initially wean off the carbs, it has taken me weeks, and I now choose to do a cheat day or two on the weekend (gotta live life) although I don’t go crazy. I tend to not feel good if I’ve had too many carbs or sugars.

I’ve noticed slightly lower stamina when exercising, I can go about 45 min before feeling puttered out. I have also noticed I’ve lost a lot of belly fat, and overall feel pretty lean.

Yes, you’ll definitely lose weight going low carb and sugar, esp. if you take it to the Keto level.


I don’t know much about keto to me the few things I’ve come across it seems like the low glycemic diet. I don’t usually do well on diet plans but if it works for you that’s great.


That’s encouraging! I’ve been trying to cut back as well, and some days it’s a beast.:confounded: But I’m determined to slay it.


@John Congrats for sticking with it and seeing results. You are an inspiration! Also, thank you for the info! I think I’m going to try it.

(love the idea of having a cheat day or two. You are absolutely right… Gotta live life!)


@Dana_Koval Google Purefit Keto supplements. I heard about it on a Wendy Williams show. And let me know what you think. Is it worth trying!? I’d love to know your opinion. And if you dothe supplaments, I will too and we can compare/share the experience… If you’re up. For it!


As someone with a family history of heart disease (my father and both his parents died of sudden heart attacks) I am extremely leery of a diet with high amounts of fat.


I’ve been doing keto since March. I’ve lost 63 pounds without taking any extra supplements. From what I’ve read, keto supplements will not help in your efforts to lose weight. The ketones that your body produces is not the same found in supplements. If you cut out sugars, starches, and keep your net carbs under 20g, you’ll lose naturally.


You still have to choose good fats for keto to work. For those who do have history of heart disease and such, sometimes low carb, med fat (lcmf) is a better choice. You’ll probably lose weight at a slower rate but it may be a healthier route to take.


@MoparJeepGirl thank you so much for that information and congrats on losing that weight! Such an inspiration!


My husband is doing the Keto diet and I have started to dabble in it a bit. It can be hard to lose weight if you are not careful with the types of foods you are eating and how many carbs may be in them. Like others said, you need to also consider healthy fats, not just foods high in fat. It can be a positive diet for certain health concerns. It is a lifestyle choice to change, not a diet that you can stop at any time. The weight will slowly come back if you don’t keep up with the lifestyle and “cheat”.


I did keto for about 3 months last year and lost 30 lbs. fell off around the holidays and gained 20 back :frowning: . I am starting back now. I do feel better on the low carb diet with more energy throughout the day. You just got to stay hydrated with electrolytes.


I’m extremely leery of any of these “fad diets” excluding those that people need to be on for specific health reasons. How can you ever expect to go back to normal eating without gaining a good portion of that weight back? Or the fear that you’ll throw your entire body out of whack and develop other issues that you wouldn’t have had if you’d never been so strict (low carb, low sugar, high fat, etc)? I know several people, including my own sister, who participated in these extreme diets and while they all saw results during the diet, it wasn’t sustainable and now as an example, my sister’s body is not processing food the way it used to now that she has tried to return to eating normally. Definitely not being preachy but is the risk worth the reward in this case? I’ll stick to regular exercise and eating in moderation. :grin:


Definitely consult with your doctor. There is new information emerging which shows high cholesterol may be more of a correlation than a causation of cardiovascular disease.

This will make your doc’s head spin:


@KimB2012 wow such great information. I loved reading your opinion on this. And though I agree with others I also agree with you. You make very valid points. Getting on this trendy diet may mean I will have to suffer in other ways in the long run. And this also makes deciding, whether or not to try it, even harder. I’m not making any plans to start or to not start. I would need more information. I also suffer from high cholesterol and high blood pressure so I’m not sure this would be good for my body. Anyway, thanks so much for responding!


@gapgurlm exactly! This may be great for some but for me, who suffered from high blood pressure and high cholesterol, like off the charts at 29 years old, Im starting to think this particular diet would not be for me. I also need more information on how it all works. Thanks so much for your reply!!


@Stangboy1404 I understand how hard it is to keep up with a diet. Congrats on the weight loss and if this diet works for you, then I encourage you to continue! I would need more info on how it all works to see if this is somethingy body can handle. Thanks for replying!!!


@John I do suffer from high cholesterol and high blood pressure. I have to take medication at the age of 29 in order for my body to be healthy. I’m starting to think this wouldn’t be the greatest diet for me. And I welcome any other suggestions/advice/anything you can recommend with my situation.


@Missy_Harper I have high blood pressure and cholesterol and though I take medication to get my levels down and normal I would hate to start a diet that would throw all of that off. I’m sorry to hear about your family’s history. My mother and her side of the family also suffer from high blood pressure so again I don’t know if this would be the diet for me. Thanks for your input!