To Keto or not to Keto


Good luck on your health journey no matter what direction you go! It’s always great to be self aware and at least open to educating yourself in different areas such as nutrition. :slight_smile: Have you spoken with your doctor about this yet? I am heading in to “face the music” after putting off a regular physical for 3 years so I am curious to see how my numbers (BP, cholesterol, etc) shake out.


@KimB2012 I have an appointment Friday. And since I am on BP and Cholesterol medication, I don’t think he will be to happy about me even thinking about losing weight this way! But it doesn’t hurt to ask! Health is just so important to me. (it always hasn’t been) but since I am approaching my 30s and wanting to start a family in the next year or two I want to be at my best. Hope all your stuff comes out good!!!


I am Leary on doing supplements, I am concerned with bad reactions


@Dana_Koval i understand what you mean, after reading reviews the whole “keto diet” is not for me. and I didn’t hear anything good about the supplements. thatnks for the reply!