🗞 Trend Spotting: vinegar beauty treatments



The use of Apple Cider Vinegar for the skin and hair has been around for so very long, from the DIY standpoint. It’ll be interesting to see how consumers respond to these product lines.


I know viniger is really good for you, but havnt heard about it as an ingredient in skin care. Interesting


I use apple cider vinegar on my face all the time! I’m quite surprised that this is just beginning to catch on. Vinegar has been used for centuries, for everything!


Nice! I’m gonna need to try these.


Never thought of this as a beauty product, very interesting


I have heard of people using apple cider vinegar to treat kidney stones not sure how much science is behind this theory but I couldn’t stomach it to find out though if I could I would because I suffer a ton with these stones.


I would try a little vinegar with a splash of lemon juice and mix with water! It’s not the best taste but it’s worth it! Try it every day , it doesn’t take much vinegar each day!


I normally use just plain apple cider vinegar! I actually have some wipes that I got through the mail as a sample to cleanse ur face! It’s just a wipe soaked in vinegar!


I use it at the end of my morning skincare ritual. I fill the sink full of water and then add a teaspoon of Apple cider and splash my face. I do this to get the oh correct on my skin.


I frequently use diluted Braggs ACV as a toner. I also drink a couple teaspoons in a glass of water each day. It has many benefits. It’s important to use the kind with the “mother” in though… it has the good stuff in it!


This clay mask is one you mix with apple cider vinegar. Great mask for cheap if you like those that tighten your face: