Tuesday Newsday: 2 test positive for HIV after getting Vampire Facials


Oh wow… this is not good news my friends. This just broke 45 min ago – two people who got vampire facials at a New Mexico spa have tested positive for HIV, prompting the spa to close (OBVIOUSLY) and former patients to be tested.

This seriously makes me question ANYTHING with needles - especially at spas (versus medical facilities).

Please read and be careful!


I just read this article on Facebook. This is so disturbing. You’re just not safe anywhere anymore. I feel so sore for those who were infected. :cry::cry::cry:

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That is incredibly sad! Obviously they weren’t keeping things quite as sanitary as they should have. Anything that involves blood is a no go in my skincare!

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Wow! This is very scary!! Very sad for the patients, I can’t imagine.


I have heard of this trend! And from conception I had my reservations, because there is always room for cross contamination’s! And who knows how sanitary those places are! When handling bodily fluid like blood the upmost care has to be taken! Blood tests has to be done to ensure the clients are not contaminated with diseases that can be passed on through contact! This is the perfect example why I don’t follow trends but do what works for me! It’s sad that these 2 unfortunate persons will have a life long reminder of how dangerous following some of these trends can be!


You can contract it by tattoo’s, mani/pedi’s, piercings, etc. That’s why it is so important to have an autoclave and sterilize the tools. People are also contracting HCV this way. The virus can survive in a drop of blood, outside of the body for up to 48 hours so it’s important to clean spills up immediately with bleach. I have heard of this happening at the dentist and in medical procedures, it’s all about the sterilization process.

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This is so disturbing.


Unfortunately, it may happen everywhere. I don’t follow trends too and pay close attention to sanitation. I feel sorry for those infected people.


Oh my goodness that is horrible


I would never use blood as my facial treatment, there are always more secure ways to look nice :smiley:

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I wonder if this was reported at the same spa as another case a few months back.


I recall seeing the procedure on TV once. it’s scary looking and gross.


Maybe people will stop these insane procedures!


I’ve never even heard of this vampire facial!!! I’m like OH MY GOD!! I just can’t see why some would do this…how far will people go for “nice skin”? And does this even work? Honestly it freaks me out. I feel bad for the women who have HIV now because of this spa, their whole lives are flipped upside down :hushed:


That’s why I’m very hesitant in trying anything with needles or anything other than regular skincare, exfoliating, etc.


Same. I’d go to an MD, but I’m not comfortable with the regulation (or lack thereof) of spas.