Tuesday Newsday! Avon is purchased by Natura, creating the 4th largest beauty brand in the world

Did y’all see that Avon is being purchased by Brazil-based rival Natura?

My grandmother put my mom through college by selling Avon, so seeing this huge news hits home for me. Do any of you purchase Avon products? Natura? Any ideas for what this could mean for either brand?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


I use to be a Avon Agent way back in the days! :smiley: bring back memories! Most girls back then got their taste of financial independence through the Avon program! I would forever be grateful for the experience and I’m very happy they are still flourishing. I really love their products and from time would buy a few of I see them! My favorite was the hand cream that came in those charming oval bottles! They are good products it left my skin soft and the scents were to die for!

I used to purchase Avon and also sell Avon for a short time. This could be really big for both brands.

I used to sell Avon years ago back when I had moved out on my own. I still buy Avon from time to time now. I’m interested to see how the Brands will evolve.

Sounds intriguing, I’m interested in seeing what they do with the brand. Hopeful for an overhaul of products ingredients to become more nature based. Maybe I’ll be your next Avon/Natura rep😉

Very interesting article. I never considered that any country outside the USA sold Avon. I’m completely surprised to read that not only is it sold in other countries, but that Brazil’s Avon sales exceeds the USA.

I agree with @Amy_May, hoping the purchase will bring an ingredient overhaul to a more natural foundation.

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Interesting, I hadn’t heard about this! I have bought products from Avon, many years ago. My boyfriend at the time, his mother and aunt sold it. There was a perfume that I absolutely loved but I cannot remember the name of it. It was in a pretty glass bottle that was purple or blue, iirc.

Ive purchased and used Avon products for many years. I feel that their beauty products are underrated but this may set a new standard for the brand that allows to become even more popular.

It will be interesting to see how this changes Avon in terms of sales.

I haven’t bought Avon but I used to get hand-me-downs when I was in high school from people’s moms getting rid of testers. I had no idea it was even sold internationally! Without researching it, I’m not sure what it will mean for the brands. I think it will depend on the structure of the acquisition and how much control Avon retains.

I didn’t even know Avon was still around! Haven’t seen any sales person or products in ages!

Avon has pretty strong brand loyalty so even if product quality changes due to the changes in ownership, I think people will keep buying the products.

I would think so. i know that the Natura brand is a bit pricer then some Avon products. I don’t buy anything from Avon so that may have changed. But I was sent a thank you product for a survey i completed a few weeks ago and the cream is around $50 or so. I do like that they have replacement packs so you don’t have to throw the entire jar away when your done. You just insert a new refill.

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This is really cool. I had no idea of how well Avon was doing. I think the collaboration will be very beneficial. My mom used to purchase Avon for me and I really like their products. I’ve never purchased Natura but I am interested in this idea and the products.