Tuesday Newsday - Beauty products + Hormones


Happy Tuesday to you all!

Today’s news story is all about how beauty products affect hormones and what to look for in your products.

Has anyone had hormone issues that were traced to chemicals in beauty products?


My entire life I’ve struggled with hormone related mental illness and with severely heavy periods. Currently I am removing all EDCs out of my products and foods to see if I can finally find relief after 20 years of misery. I couldn’t believe I never made the personal connection- even knowing about hormone disrupting chemicals. I never considered myself a potential victim of the impact of these chemicals. I’m hoping to save my own children the pain I had to go through. Our hygiene products are switched, as well as cosmetics and cleaning products. We have started changing our pantry and refrigerator stock now, too!


This is a great article and I made sure to share it on social media!!

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This article made me really wanna change to all natural cleaning supplies for my home to keep my family and I safe. I already use organic items for skin and hair care now I’m going to go a step further with it because this is insane to read about what chemicals really do to our health.

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I started using products regularly when I was a teenager so I’m not sure if the products did or not because I can’t remember if I had any extreme behavior before I was a teen.

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I had never given thought to this idea before and I work as a general nurse practitioner. Some things just go right over us at times and we don’t give them a thought, however when i read this i felt this could be absolutely true and i wanted to explore the idea mors. I sat down and thought about how I feel when i use certain beauty products and how I may feel afterwards. I believe they can and probably do interact with our hormones, not saying I know exactly how, however I plan on exploring and researching further.

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I don’t believe that I’ve experienced this.

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I don’t think I have. Thanks for sharing the article

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I haven’t personally experienced issues with this but it reminded me of all the news a while ago about the risks of consuming too much soy milk due to its effects on estrogen. For 2019, I’m trying to learn as much as I can about how all of the little parts of my daily routine affect my physical and mental health.

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