Tuesday Newsday - CBD in skin care products


Hello crew! Happy Tuesday Newsday!

Today’s topic is all of the rage these days - CBD. While still illegal in some states (including Idaho, where I live!), most states have legalized CBD, the nonpsychoactive extract of the cannabis plant, and the amount of products that incorporate this supposed wonder-ingredient has skyrocketed.

Beauty and skin products are now boasting the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD, how the ingredient calms things down whether it’s acne, sunburn, or something else.

Take a read below, and then vote in the poll – do you or would you use CBD in your skin care products

  • Yes, I absolutely would use CBD or already do use CBD in my skin care products
  • No, I would not use CBD in my skin care products

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I have seen this advertised a lot, the last few years.


I’ve tried a few hemp/cbd infused products. I don’t really know if they did much of anything extra cosmetically but I do know that they’re good for topical pain relief.

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I’m a little hesitant to use it.

And me originally being a Canadian, it’s full on legal there and people are going cray over it lol.

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Seeing this reminded me that I have a bottle of the tincture I received free. I’m not sure it’s enough to determine its effectiveness, but I’ll use it daily to see if I notice any improvement.

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I definitely would try cbd products
I had hemp lotion and loved it! I know different but I am going to assume these will be just as GOOD!


I would definitely use CBD in my skincare. I’m still learning about skincare myself but I have been seeing the new rave of CBD being used in these kinds of products. I do have to say, I have noticed a radiance and clearer skin on those who have used it. Also have noticed how it helps calm down acne in some people. I’d definitely try it and would love to but the products I have heard of are a little pricey for me so I’m worried about wasting money on other products that promise the same thing but not getting great quality CBD in these products. Maybe one day I can splurge on some.


I would love to try it


I would love to try CBD in my skincare! I actually use CBD gummies to help with my anxiety and to help me sleep and they work great for those reasons. So therefore I truly believe they would help with some of my skincare concerns as well!

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I have not used CBD skin care products but would love to try them. I’ve read more information about these products in the last year.


I wonder if they really work. I think like with most crazes this seems to be the new one. They are adding CBD to everything.


I’ve used some products from the Hempz brand before, so I may look into CBD-infused products.

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I would definitely try CBD skin care products! I hear some people say they’ve used other products with CBD and they love them and other say they didn’t work but I would like to try it, I see that alot of companies are taking advantage of the new trend