Tuesday Newsday: Hanahana Beauty Is an All-Natural Skin-Care Brand With a Mission to Empower Women of Color

So incredible to see a new beauty brand, Hanahana Beauty, an all-natural skin-care brand with a mission to empower women of color. The story is amazing and the products look rad.


Has anyone heard of them or tried their products? I’d love to hear how they are!


Good for her I really hope to see her company flourish. I’ve never used or heard of it before but I look forward to see what it becomes. I’m all for supporting small owned businesses sometimes they make the best products.

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I was completely overwhelmed and happy, not for the fact that it was women of color but the colors are so vast that all women can try them. I just believe in inclusiveness for everybody. All women want to look and feel beautiful and they should be able to.

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I haven’t heard of it before, would be nice to see how it would work on my skin.

She is impressive.

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First time hearing about them! But I do love how natural their products are! And the fact that they are helping to enrich the Ghana women and providing income for an impoverished country

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I love everything about this, especially that she’s really thinking through every step of the business to make sure it aligns with her personal values.

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I think it is wonderful! I had not heard of them but will be keeping an eye out for them now.