Tuesday Newsday! High levels of sunscreen ingredients enter blood after just a day of use, study says


Happy Tuesday! Today’s news is a fascinating study about how ingredients from sunscreen ( and really any lotion if you think about it) get into your blood stream and stay there for at least 24 hours.

Definitely makes me think twice about the ingredients in lotions that I spread on my skin!


I’ve heard this before and it’s why I’m very careful with what I use on my body now. I try my best to stay away from certain ingredients in products!

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I watched this on the news and this is devastating. I’ve never used sunscreen much because I use coconut oil personally because I try to stay away from chemicals. I hope everyone will stop using sunscreen and go for a more natural approach.


I saw this on the news today! And it brings to light how important it is to scrutinize the ingredients in the products we use in our daily life! I always say “in moderation” and abuse of products are some of the major causes of these findings! Life is a balance! If you wear makeup 5 or 6 days out if the week! You MUST take some time to let your skin breathe! Treat your skin like it’s the most EXPENSIVE piece of garment you ever owned! Your entire body for that matter! It’s not hard! Don’t need to be expensive and it’s one simple step at a time!


This is why I switched to natural deodorant and mineral sunscreen.

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My God, this is scary! I had no idea it would go that deep into your body. I used to think that they’d just remain inside your skin layers.

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I believe it, it actually popped up in my news feed as well.

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The full news article is fairly balanced but people seem to be reacting just based on the headline and first few sentences. In the news article, they say many times to still wear sunscreen, and also clearly state that this was only pilot study, only one ingredient showed statistically significant levels (not the same as clinically significant), and the people used over 2x more sunscreen than most people do for “typical use” (75% of the body covered by sunscreen, 4x a day).

It kind of seemed like they changed authors after the title and first paragraphs :rofl:

For those who are very concerned about the ingredients in the article, I encourage you to use mineral sunscreens made with ingredients such as zinc oxide that have their SPF well-established.

However you do it, please protect your skin! Aside from skin cancer concerns, sun damage is also one of the biggest causes of premature aging and things like wrinkles, lost elasticity, uneven skin tone spots, etc.


Wow! I don’t wear sunscreen which we have all heard is so bad, but I tan very easily, I never burn, but I also don’t get out in the sun I definitely don’t lay out for hours either, but I used to, however I’ve always been told it’s bad for your skin not to wear sunscreen. So this is very interesting to me. And it makes me want to pay more attention to what I am using as well! Although this says there is a difference, I am sure sun causes problems but like I said I don’t get out much! Lol


Interesting information.