Tuesday Newsday! How Beauty brands gave back on Earth Day


Happy Tuesday Newsday!

Yesterday was Earth Day and many brands celebrated by doing a special give-back to Mother Earth. Read below and then tell me: Do you ever select brands because they give back? Is it something you seek out when selecting brands? Do brands that give back seem to be making a real impact on the world?

Eager to hear your thoughts and reactions below!


I buy what I want or like. I will consider other things after that.


Yes I do buy products that help the community … it is important that the company help to make the world a better place to live in…

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I don’t think about if a company is helping or donating to good causes, but it seems that a few companies I buy from actually do help a lot after reading this article. Anyway I think this article is awesome and it makes me want to look more into being more knowledgeable about what companies I buy from for now on.


Yes sometimes when it comes to big brands but these days you have to really investigate if they’re really actually doing it. A lot of them say they do it for the press and actually give like 1% of hardly anything just to pat themselves on the back and appear to be philanthropic.

I give you an example (not really a beauty company but a well known company nonetheless) https://www.vox.com/2015/7/23/9025975/toms-shoes-poverty-giving

Locks of Love which take your hair donations to make wigs for cancel patients:

Autism speaks, it’s good to investigate what percentage actually goes to those in need. 4% isn’t much, you’d do better giving an outright donation to a family you know in person:

I think one of the best ways to give back to those who pay it forward is to support local businesses that have positive influence in your own communities because you see everything in action.


I really don’t but I need to.


nice, I already buy from a few of them. Now time to buy from the rest of these brands in the future.


I try to buy from brands that give back or have Eco-friendly (aka recyclable packaging) but lately it seems that a lot of brands are being bought out by bigger brands. So it’s always hard to keep track.


Yes I do like to get brands that give back and I’m glad more brands are doing things like that! Like planting a tree for every product bought etc. And usimg more natural products

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