Tuesday Newsday: In-flight skin care news!


Hey crew!

Happy Tuesday! Today’s news is interesting as we are in the times of customers demanding more amenities for their money, and experiences being worth top dollar.

United Airlines will now be offering Sunday Riley Skin-Care products in flight to passengers - in restrooms and in individual packages for premium cabins.

I think it’s SUPER HELPFUL for those of us who have super dry skin yet never want to pack special products just for the plane ride. Do you think more airlines should do this?



Excellent idea, as we all know how dehydrated your skin can get, if you have dry skin to begin with…Kudos to Sunday Riley !!



I think it’s a fantastic idea. Not only do passengers get an extremely pleasant surprise, it’s great advertising! And bonus for the company: think of the word-of-mouth exposure they’ll get!



I think it’s a great idea as well! My worry is certain products cause breakouts on certain people, so be aware of what works for you and what doesn’t, and be aware of what you are putting on as well! Other than that though… Idk about you, but I would greatly appreciate some pampering on long flights! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:💁💁💁💁



I love that the skincare company is pairing up with the airline because it’s very considerate of them. I really like that the skincare products are all natural too, this is a plus. It’s also geared towards those with dry skin so it benefits me.



I think it’s a nice move on there part! It’s well over due to be honest! This is something all airlines should have implemented a long time ago! Being in the Travel and hospitality business for years you get to learn it’s the simple amenities that makes the difference!



I love this idea! Yes all airlines should do this. It is so helpful to those that have dry skin such as me!



Yes finally some good skincare brand for airlines. My skin gets so dehydrated on plane rides. I always carry my face mist, moisturizer stick and some face masks



I think it’s a nice thought that the brand wants to make us feel more comfortable because we’re of our element and can feel uncomfortable. I love her products and think they great quality.



I have mixed feelings about it. I do like that they’re making an effort to upgrade the quality of products used. I would however like to see them offer a variety. It may not be formulated for you even if it’s for “all skin types”. I would like to see them offer at least two varieties so the passenger would be able to choose from say Oily skin or Dry skin types. I think it’s definitely a step in the right direction. I think it would also be cool if Sunday Riley did something with Hotels as many brands do. The last hotel I stayed at used Neutrogena toiletries. While not premium by any means at least it’s a known brand and not just a generic hotel labelled brand.

I usually carry my own stuff so I never really have to worry about this but it’s a good option to have if you happened to be in a rush and forget. Another thought is that it would be nice if they offered it to all passengers not just “premium” passengers but that’s likely asking for too much. As for the items stocked in the lavatories, I honestly just see people swiping those for themselves. Why? because I’ve seen it happen. There’s just those types of people that you can’t take nowhere lol Check an ebay auction near you once they begin this project and I guarantee you are gonna see people re-selling these haha I’ll give you an example… I am a yelp elite member and frequent the NY events, the members actually attend the events and swipe all the free swag they can and they stuff ends up on ebay. Not cheap either, and I assume someone is buying it because why would they bother if they didn’t. I am not even kidding.

As for United Airlines, honestly not a huge fan. Many of my friends fly often for both business and pleasure and I’ve heard some pretty awful horror stories. My personal ones weren’t really that bad besides the usual delays but I presume they’re doing this to improve their public image. Not a new link but some examples of bad customer service.



Totally! I think this is a really cool idea. I love seeing major businesses making an impact in the sense of wellness. Whether it’s for profit or not - it still brings in awareness to how different conditions/environments can affect your health and how we as individuals can do things to improve or counteract that.

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This is a good idea!



This would be nice for them to do. Deciding what to pack with you and finding travel sizes items can be a pain and also take up valuable space you do not have in your bag. Flying to and from different climates can cause dryness and no one wants to worry about dehydrated skin in a flight/trip.



I really like this idea! It’s nice to know that airlines recognize that skincare is important.



I do not think that airlines should offer this. It seems beneficial to the skincare brands, though.