Unhealthy make up ingredients do you agree or disagree? and why?

i used to use triclosan, in face wash, and i thought the original dial anti-bacterial soap had it in that as well. i wonder how they determine that an ingredient is good for use and then years later that it actually isn’t. but it always worked for me. but here is a list off an email i received for product safety alerts, i hope it is useful.


Dial was “the good soap” when I was a kid, then I read
all the negative stuff.
Even though it works really well, I don’t think the negatives are work it.

know and understand more about toxicity, as well as danger to the environment than we did in the post-war fifties. At that time, if something worked well, it was considered modern. Hence the overuse of antibiotics, which were given out for everything, no matter whether the situation was minor and self-limiting or dangerous. As much as I gripe about bad information over the internet, it has made it very possible to
share important information, regardless of economics, social circle or location. Coupled with a genuine concern among a growing number of people, we are in a good position to make the world so much a better place, with a little effort from us all. End of soap box!

Thanks for sharing.

I have used Philosophy Purity for so many years and for me I am usually pretty good about looking at ingredients that I cleanse my face with but this was very interesting.

That is very helpful. I try to go without make up except for special occasions because I knew the big name-brands I was buying couldn’t possibly be good for my skin.

I grew up on dial bars.
It was so drying, even as a kid, but I didn’t know any better.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate actually has a green rating from the EWG, though it’s prohibited on Whole Foods Premium Body care line.
It’s in almost every body wash you might buy, so if you like your lathering body wash, check for it.Most experts now agree Parabens aren’t harmful - I know, shoot me.They are just wrong on Mineral Oil & Petrolatum.Everything else looks legit to stay away from.

There goes a ton of shampoo, too, right in the pile with Dial. I expect that in a lot of cases, it’s a matter of how much is a problem? I still don’t really trust parabens. I do remember when there were grave warnings about selenium and now it’s valued!

I used to always use Dial, but I’ve since moved on to other things. A lot of antibacterial soaps contained Triclosan, but now there are more natural soap brands with better ingredients.

What is good for you one minute will cause cancer the next.

Honestly…it’s just too hard to keep up with.
I try to stick to what works for me and avoid what doesn’t.
Every body is different.

i have noticed that myself. they change every month it seems like on what is good for you and what isn’t.
i agree with you, it is very hard to keep up with

I discovered that Sodium Lauryl Sulfate was the culprit behind my itchy scalp and dry, brittle hair. I would buy shampoos and conditioners billed as moisturizing and deep conditioning only to continue to battle dryness and itching. I switched to sulfate free shampoos and conditioners, no more itching and dryness.

it seems as things get more advanced there finding new ingredients we have used for years are bad for us but what really is out there that isn’t bad for us in someway or another.

Actually, a lot of things aren’t a liability, but we have to find them. People have been using skincare and beauty products pretty much since there were people (right down to tattoos and oils.) As society became more “refined” (read Industrial Revolution), chemicals began to be considered “modern”. After all, you could manufacture tons of them and even tie them into other industrial products (petroleum )They can, in fact, have pretty intense presentations. It’s taken 150-200 years or so to realize we probably made some bad mistakes. Now, we can relearn what natural items (plants, oils, minerals) can do this work and, with knowledge gained over the years, come up with great products that work well and don’t damage! :heart_eyes_cat: