🗞 US Representative Proposes Ban, Review of Hundreds of Ingredients



Must the government stick their :nose:noses into every aspect of our life?


i don’t THINK i will miss any of those ingredients other than triclosan, i do believe that is in dial. but, i am not sure if i use anything with the other ones listed or not.* Coal tar dyes (p-Phe­nyl­ene­di­a­mine);

  • Cocamide Diethanolamine;
  • Dibutyalated Phthalate (Phthal­ates DBP), Bis(2-ethylhexyl) Phthal­ate (DEHP);
  • Toluene;
  • Styrene or Styrene acrylates;
  • Formaldehydes (Methylene glycol/methanediol/formaldehyde) and Formaldehyde-releasing preservatives (DMDM hydantoin, diazolidinyl urea, imidazolidinyl urea, methenamine, quaternium-15 and sodium hydroxymethylglycinate);
  • Lead acetate or other lead compounds; and
  • Parabens (iso­prop­yl­paraben, iso­bu­tyl­pa­ra­ben, phenylparaben, ben­zyl­pa­ra­ben, pentylparaben, propylparaben and butylparaben). maybe this is a good thing?


Wow. This is actually positive. Companies will now be forced to choose ingredients that aren’t potentially harmful to the consumers they claim to care about.


I think this could be a very good thing!

Although, wish they don’t start with our food first!