🗞 'Vampire Facial' Becomes Actual Horror As N.M. Spa Clients Face HIV Testing




Oh this is just…wow. This isn’t something I’d do anyway because I think it’s a little gross, but now no one could even pay me to do this. That’s so horrible. I can’t imagine how these clients who potentially have HIV now must be feeling. Absolutely terrifying.


That’s scary! I’ll stick to basic facials, nothing odd for me here and no needles!!


This is just terrifying! You really need to check out salons in general!


Absolutely horrible. Hopefully the clients are safe from disease.
So did no one notice that her credentials to perform these facials were missing? “the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department said spa owner Luly Ruiz was not licensed to perform the procedure because she is not a medical professional.” Professionals with licensing have their credentials displayed prominently. Did the clients even care?
And because the owner is not licensed, why hasn’t her salon been permanently closed?
“For now, the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department has shut down the facility while an investigation is ongoing.”


OOOOH, the whole thing is just skeevy, not gonna happen!


So glad I don’t follow all the latest fads. This is just wow… I won’t even use a derma roller in my own home. Seems like too much of a chance to introduce bacteria into the skin/body to be worth any perceived benefits.


I saw that article the other day. I’m sorry but that looks extremely painful.


Reminds me of the doping the tour de france cyclists were doing, only this is for your face.

Did the Kardashians really make this into a thing? I wonder if they’re ever like, “what can’t we make into a fad?”

I’m not one to judge here. Just seems like kind of an extreme thing to do. There would have to be some imcredible before and after pics to make this even a remote consideration. :vampire: Facial Face-Off anyone ?


Following something like this makes me remember a saying I heard many years ago, “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”


All I can say is WOW!


Omg, how scary for the clients! I’d never even consider this procedure —I hate getting my blood drawn for necessary procedures, so I definitely wouldn’t elect to do this lol


Why would anyone do this to begin with? That is so risky!


WOW! This is beyond me. Not for me. Not one bit. Part of me feels sad for those who put themselves through those facials, but then the other part of me chimes in & thinks…did they not have that inner voice that said, ummm this might not be a good idea? Or the friend that said, ummm girl you need to stay home! Too much blood for me. Heck, I’m in my 40’s & still cut my legs shaving at times. Ugh the struggle is real! :grin:


Just… no. I know fads come and go, but this one is a little too “Bathory” for me.


that is why I dont participate in any of those crazy things and it sounds painful and terrible to begin with


now that is scary. no way will i ever try.


if there were a “wow” emoji instead of a heart, i would have clicked it. i can’t heart this, sorry


OMG! I just saw this on a show on Netfix called “Cheating Death”. That’s way too extreme, but I guess people will do anything for beauty.