🗞 [video] Dry Shampoo Efficacy: A Clinical Study


What is your favorite Dry Shampoo?


My favorite dry shampoo is pisst I think that’s what it’s called


I still can’t wrap my mind around a dry shampoo. They seem oxymoronic to me.


I have tried a couple different brands and I think dry shampoo just isn’t for me. My hair doesn’t look any different after using them. I am better off just washing.


My wife is a convert. This gives her hair an in-between washing treatment that does wonders for her. The other day I complimented on how her hair looked and she smiled and said, dry shampoo! Her hair actually looks better with it.

Batiste Dry Shampoo, Blush Fragrance, 3 Count



I only tryed one dry shampoo it came from the dollar tree . But I get it to try I have colorful hair and I did not was to lose my color and I did want to wash my hair much so my color would not faded away but when I used the dry shampoo it took the color out of my hair where I sprayed it at . I’m still tryin to find the right one that works and don’t take my color out :hugs::smiley:


Please post a review of your next dry shampoo experience, that would be great!


I am just repelled by the very idea.


I have tried a couple of dry shampoos, nothing extra fancy or anything. Some left my hair with white powder that wouldn’t fully mix in my hair since it is so dark, so I looked like I had dandruff. Some also left my hair greasy and didn’t do what they claimed they should do. I did like the way my Pantene Pro-V original fresh dry shampoo worked, as well as smelled. It mixed into my hair, absorbed any leftover oil, didn’t make my hair greasy, and didn’t leave any powder or residue on my head. I think that not all dry shampoos are created equally, but just as with any shampoo, not all work on every head.