🗞 [video] Dry Shampoo Efficacy: A Clinical Study


What is your favorite Dry Shampoo?


My favorite dry shampoo is pisst I think that’s what it’s called


I still can’t wrap my mind around a dry shampoo. They seem oxymoronic to me.


I have tried a couple different brands and I think dry shampoo just isn’t for me. My hair doesn’t look any different after using them. I am better off just washing.


My wife is a convert. This gives her hair an in-between washing treatment that does wonders for her. The other day I complimented on how her hair looked and she smiled and said, dry shampoo! Her hair actually looks better with it.

Batiste Dry Shampoo, Blush Fragrance, 3 Count


I only tryed one dry shampoo it came from the dollar tree . But I get it to try I have colorful hair and I did not was to lose my color and I did want to wash my hair much so my color would not faded away but when I used the dry shampoo it took the color out of my hair where I sprayed it at . I’m still tryin to find the right one that works and don’t take my color out :hugs::smiley:


Please post a review of your next dry shampoo experience, that would be great!