Video: How to Apply False Lashes


Thank you to putyourmakeupon for providing this video!

She posts some great content on her YouTube channel, so why not follow her while you’re at it?


This is great! Thank you for sharing!


Great video…She makes it look so easy!


Thanks for the awesome video. She has so many helpful tips, and that little applicator tool would definitely make applying my lashes easier. I am definitely going to buy one of those because I’ve been using tweezers. :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing this tip.


Nice video!


I bought magnetic eyelashes last year because i hate messing with the glue, but it was impossible for me to get them on so I ended up throwing them away!


I have false lashes, I want to wear false lashes but I find it really intimidating! Is that silly or what?!


i haven’t tried false lashes


I’ve always thought they were intimidating too. Plus I’ve always been worried about not applying them right and then pulling all of my eyelashes out when removing the fake lashes.


This is a fear of mine also.
As of right now the eyelash curler is my friend, lol!


Color me stubby. It hurts when I get cat hair in my eyes, let alone a false, mascara’d eyelash. Guess I’ll do without.


Great job


False lashes make me look TERRIFYING like I’m about to sell you detox tea.
I love how calm this blogger is tho!


I genuinely laughed out loud at this.
What is the “sell you detox tea” look?!??


What did we do before YouTube??


We watched cable.
Before that, we rented VHS tapes from Blockbuster and would pay $2 if we forgot to “Be Kind, Rewind”.


I am also an eyelash curler type of girl. I like my little heated one. My eyelashes tend to get in my eyes if I don’t curl them. I’m curious about magnetic ones, but worried the falsies might be too long and affect my glasses.


You’re right. Oh my. Literally. Like … ohhhhh myyyyyy.


Now I’m thinking back to cassette tapes.
Remember trying to fast forward for what seemed like forever to find a song, going too far, having to rewind?
Or making a mix tape, now THAT was love, wow what a pain in the butt.
They’d occasionally get eaten by the tape player.
And you had to have a dual deck if you wanted a halfway decent copy, otherwise you put two tape players next to each other and it sounded like garbage.