🗞 Water Meets Skin: Modern Moisturizers



Very informative and I agree. Drinking water is vital to our insides and outsides and does make a huge impact. I also believe good genes perhaps and diet also play a huge role. I drink water as my main hydration and make sure to drink 6-8 glasses a day minimum and keep a container just for that purpose and also unsweetened herbal teas also count as water intake as well so long as you don’t use any sugar or sugar substitutes. Also foods that are excellent for this are apples,oranges,grapes and melons and lettuces. I also stick to a mainly vegetarian diet and occasionally eat eggs and chicken so that makes me potarian :joy:but it does help I believe and also avoid inflammatory foods as much as possible. Inflammation causes a lot of damage in the body and believed it or not I suffer from MCTD as well and hide it well due to diet and lifestyle choices and there is no cure but it helps some. I don’t get the rashes as bad with what I’m doing and it affects my face at times since I do have lupus as one of my primary overlapping diseases. Just thought I’d share this if anyone else here has this issue as well!


Sooo, given this information, is it right to believe that no matter how great your skincare products, if we don’t provide a water rich internal palate, the products won’t perform as well as they could?


I would argue yes :droplet:!


I mostly drink water myself, but I have a few friends in my age group and slightly older that hate water. They mostly drink soda and energy drinks and those types of things. I’ve noticed that the ones who rarely drink water are the ones that complain the most about breakouts and dull, dry skin. I also believe that these things are from the inside out.


I read this several year ago, and it has always stuck with me. Look at how your plants and flowers are outside in the sun, wind, and other elements, and they will start to wilt. What is the first thing that we do to help them? Not go buy the best fertilizer, but give them water. Our skin is just like the plants and flowers. If your skin is dehydrated, it is dry and tight. You start noticing fine lines, and if left untreated they will eventually become wrinkles. Treat your skin just like your plants, and give it water. Keeping your skin hydrated is the key to keeping it healthy. Giving your skin the water it needs, then you can use all the different anti-aging ingredients to boost collagen, that is our fertilizer. And fertilizer won’t work until you water the roots first. I wish I could find where I read that, and give them credit. It would also have a lot more information, but that is what I can remember taking away from the article.