Week 11 Update


Hello Co-Creators @CC_Body_Lotion_01

Many of you have received your samples by now, or will in the next day or two. We invite your to discuss you initial thoughts in Body Lotion 01A & Body Wash 01D: First Impressions. Also later this week or early next, the questionnaires fort hese samples will be released.

Thank you to those of you who have already taken the time to migrate to our new home, learn the new system, and start contributing. We read every word of your reviews, and it means so much to us when you recognize small details about the products we’re creating together, both good and bad, and write about them here in the community. We love the transparency of this process, and how many of you show your appreciation for our work by putting in the effort to write your detailed impressions - we know our approach is different from most other “freebie” offers, and we recognize those of you who really take the time to help us build what will be great products.

Also, thank you @Freedom for this beautiful photo! We :heart: getting responses like this, so motivating!

New forum members
We’ve had a lot of new forum members join the community, a couple hundred over the last week :chart_with_upwards_trend: , most of whom are still lurkers. Please be friendly and continue to welcome them into our community. We’ll be trying some new things to spice :hot_pepper: up the engagement level over the next few weeks, and we hope you decide to participate. The deodorant module will be launching in a few weeks, and we are looking to add new Co-Creators to this one, so if you have friends or family you think would make a good candidate please invite them to the community.

New Discussions
I saw one of the most amazing posts I think I’ve seen on this forum from @michelle_beaulieu who is testing her own DIY acne treatments DIY Mistakes & Miracles - Face Oil for Acne if you haven’t checked it out, she goes into a bit of detail on what she’s doing and is a topic worth watching. Thank you for this incredible experiment and contribution!

Also be sure to check out the Fitzpatrick Skin Type Test when you have a moment to learn more about how to protect yourself from the sun, and cast your vote in the poll on colored products Poll: Colored products to highlight ingredients?

Speaking of elevating discussions, when I think about what I would like to see in a forum like this, it’s product reviews. By now we’re starting to develop some trust, so it would be awesome to start reading :open_book: posts where members are talking about the products they are using, provide a link to where to buy them (preferably “onebox” friendly), and offer some pictures of the products in action - this is incredibly valuable! I know many of you receive products from other companies, why not start sharing your experiences about them here? Anonymous reviews on social media don’t build trust, but reviews coming from people you interact with in our forum do. Not only will your forum family thank you, it helps Community Cosmetics understand what you are into, and what’s working for you (or not). I’ll commit to getting a few in per month, will you join :man_dancing: me?

In conclusion
Is it me, or do emoji’s make the discussions better? I think it’s like salt, sprinkle a little in and it enhances the experience, but too much and you’ve ruined it. I’m loving the new setup, there’s a little learning curve but I hope as you continue to use our new platform you’ll appreciate the little things that make the experience better.

Some of you may have noticed a Title next to your name on your posts, like “CC Body Wash 01”. This is an artifact of the migration which was the result of importing you into the CC Body Wash 01 group. The system creates Titles based off groups… I’m getting to technical. The point is, we’re not yet sure of the best way to use this functionality, but for now it might be a cool way to show others you are a Co-Creator, and which module you are currently participating in. Feel free to update it to the Body Lotion title until we learn more about how to use this feature.

Do more than exist, hold tight onto your dreams, and remember to play.



11 weeks already? Wow, where did the time go? It seems like I only recently was writing essays to determine if I was a good fit for Community Cosmetics’ vision.
Thank you @John for the mention. I couldn’t let this excellent sample presentation pass without some photos.
It seems to me like the new site has brought an entirely new feel and level to the Community. The other day I tried to remember what the previous site looked like, and it took a few minutes to register it in my mind. As functional as it was, this new site makes it seem like a relic. The content of what we share has so much more room for expression and examples. This process is very evolutional and I’m stoked to be a part of it! Thanks @John and all the Community members.


Thank you for being such a positive, inspiring part of the process and rolling through our growing pains. Exciting times are ahead!


John, this became more than just a “freebie offer” weeks ago! I thinks most of the original co-creators who are still with the program put in time thinking about what would start thought processes going, what are the possibilities for these products, etc.It’s fun and stretches the mind a little. Thanks!


You’re welcome. I’m just glad to be a part of something that is positively motivated and is actually accomplishing what was originally communicated. :clap:t4:


I have been away for a couple of weeks due to work deadlines and just logged into this new website. It looks amazing. I can’t wait to get acquainted with this new site and catch up on all the posts. Thank you for such a lovely forum


time has went by so quickly. as i am catching up i am seeing past posts that have not only helped me discover new and better products, but ones that show me just how fast time has been going by. wow. but they say when you are really enjoying something… time goes by quickly and when you arent time drags :slight_smile: i guess this is a good thing. i love this community and i have loved every bit of advice, and the great posts that have taught me more and more as they continue. there honestly hasn’t been a better community, a community of great people that i have ever been a part of other then this one :slight_smile:


Awww, how thoughtful?

How is your grandma doing? Have y’all discovered a skincare regimen that is helping her dry skin?