Week 12 Update


Co-Creators @CC_Body_Lotion_01!

First of all, a big Thank You to all of you who have been so welcoming to our new members, both by saying hello and engaging them on topics. It’s great to have so many new faces in the bunch. I think our new members and technology have breathed new life into our community, and we really appreciate how positive everyone has been with all of the change :heart_eyes:.

Next Module
We’re gearing up to launch our deodorant module shortly, and planning for an August shipment. Stay tuned for updates on information, product requirements, and questionnaires! As a prerequisite to participating in this module, please make sure you have completed your questionnaires for the Body Wash and Body Lotion we sent you in your last shipment and complete the GuidedTourBot to earn your Certified Badge by 7/31/18. Obtaining this badge is important since the forum is our primary method of communication, and it shows you how to get the most out of the forum experience.

Quick forum tip: I’ve been bookmarking interesting topics or replies I want to respond to but can’t in the moment. To find the bookmark, click on the ellipses (three dots which look like this … ) and then on the little banner-looking icon. To find your bookmarks, click on your avatar and then the bookmark icon.

Just for Fun
Why not give our Scavenger Hunt a try to test your skincare knowledge? Congratulations @alpacas who achieved a perfect score on her first try, great job Kim :gift:!

Also, I encourage you brave souls to join our prospective new Co-Creators and participate in our Facemask Selfie contest. It’s been a lot of fun to see the early adopters put themselves out there, and a great way to start making some new connections, build trust, and help foster our sense of community, not to mention a fun way to discover cool new products. Kudos to @vanessa6297 for leading the way and being the first Co-Creator to make her contribution :tada:! Who will be next?!?

On that note, I signed you all up to help judge this contest, so please check that topic throughout the week and send some :heart: to your favorite entries.

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You’re welcome! How many are in the Community now @John?


A little over 500. You can check the status anytime by going to the “hamburger menu” (the three horizontal lines) and clicking on Users. As we grow, our population of “lurkers” will always be larger than our participators, which is expected. I think having activities like polls, quizzes, and contests are not only fun, they bring some excitement and help to build a more engaged community. I welcome everyone’s thoughts and suggestions.


I realized I never finished the Guided Bot Tour, thanks for the reminder! Super excited about the next product too! I haven’t been too adventurous with deodorant so I’m interested in trying something different.


Thanks, it has been so fun. I can’t find the GuidedTourBot now, did I miss my chance to take the tour?


:balloon: I thought you only had one go at it! Glad to see more people engaging and looking forward to the future of CC. @John, do I really need more bookmarks? I have too many off the forum to look at as is :laughing:


:open_mouth: 500 members. Wow that’s crazy. It seems like just a week or two ago it was a little group of us, but the more the merrier. Plus, having more members means more to learn from other people and hopefully more beauty tips and hints.


I thought the same thing, 500?? We’ve out grown some actual communities! Well maybe just ones like on The Waltons, and Little House on the Prairie. But that’s still impressive! I’m anticipating hearing everyone’s voice. It’s clear all 500 have yet to make an appearance. But I guess it’s like what @John said, many will just lurk. But with all the conversations/posts going on, I don’t see how they can stand back and not get involved.


I just signed my contract to become a Co-Creator! Super excited!


@KimB2012 Congratulations! Welcome new Co-Creator!:tada: