Week 13 Update


Good morning Co-Creators @CC_Body_Lotion_01!

I’m on a business trip and a little behind, sorry for the delay, so I’ll be brief:

Face mask selife
Today is the last day for the facemask selfie contest. I’ve remained quiet publicly but all I can say is WOW!! Thank you to all you brave souls who put yourself out there, this has been so much fun. We absolutely LOVE all the contributions :heart_eyes: If you haven’t done a facemask selfie, what’s holding you back? You know your face wants a mask, so if you haven’t pampered yourself lately follow my instructions… pour glass of wine, apply mask, take selfie, post pic, laugh, love life.

Body Lotion 01A & Body Wash 01D Feedback Due Today
Curious to know what everyone thought? We’ll post a link to the results in the Questionnaire topics and share the data with you tomorrow.

:newspaper_roll: News
We’d like to start providing some curated news content for you guys, and you may have noticed a “dump” of articles onto the forum. For the last few days I’ve been adding new content to this category and wondering why nobody was checking them out, when I realized I forgot to make the category publicly visible, D’oh!

New Co-Creators
Will be coming just around the corner for our deodorant module.

Baumann-Inspired Skin Type Test
We have a new skin type test you might enjoy 🎓 Baumann Inspired Skin Type Test check it out if you haven’t already.

Cool things on the horizon
We’ve got some fun new opportunities in the works you’ll be hearing about shortly, for which you and your friends can participate. Got friends? Invite them! Did you know you can invite them to join a particular discussion as well? Next to the blue Reply button is an invite button.

Sharing Topics
Did you know you can share topics or replies you find interesting on social media? Just hit that link :link: icon for options. Try it!

OK, back to work. We’ll talk soon.



I am still moving and I don’t have WiFi in my new place yet! I’ll be back on the 20th. Already have a basil plant a neighbor donated! I love my new neighborhood!


Congratulations on your new place! Warm wishes for a smooth transition. Here’s to peace, love, & sunshine. :peace_symbol::blue_heart::sunny: