Week 14 Update


First of all, welcome @CC_Deodorant_01! We’ve got some new faces in here, so if you’re new we encourage you to say hello. This is the weekly update from Community Cosmetics on what’s happening with the forum and our Co-Creator program, available only to Co-Creators.

Body Wash 01D
Your feedback has been great on Body Wash 01D and we’d like to declare it a success, but before we can call it officially done and kick it off as our first official product we’ve created together, we are holding a naming contest! For those of you who participated in this module, we need you to name our first product, click here to submit your entry (one per person):


We’ll hold two rounds of voting, the first is to members of this group who participated in the Lotion 01 module, and the second round will be to the public, so you can invite your friends and we’ll let other community members vote as well - those of you who are new Co-Creators will be able to participate in round two of voting.

Note: The link above will only be accessible to members who participated in the Body Lotion 01 module.

Note 2: We sent Body Wash in the Body Lotion 01 package as a follow up to our Body Wash 01 module, which is why some of you might be scratching your head as to why we’re voting on a Body Wash here, but that’s why. From time to time we might send products we’re still working on to you, regardless of the module’s title. Bonus!

We’re still working on the Body Lotion, we don’t think it’s quite ready. Based on your feedback it looks like the scent still needs some work, though just about everything else was spot on. If you received this sample, please send us your thoughts here on how we can improve the scent: https://forum.communitycosmetics.com/t/body-lotion-01a-feedback-questionnaire/631/

Deodorant 01
We’ll be releasing some more detailed questions regarding the deodorant, so be on the lookout for those this week.

New Address Fields
We’ve added private shipping address fields, so now you can keep this updated for us.

:mega: Make sure to complete your address and phone now. It is your responsibility to have this completed in your forum profile before we send out samples. Just go to your Profile, and click on Profile, and you’ll see these fields to complete.

Certified Badge
If you haven’t completed your Certified badge yet, please do so. Because the community lives on this forum software it’s important you know how to navigate your way around it, and the GuidedTourBot’s :robot: Greetings! message will show you how. It’s also a Co-Creator requirement.

We’re excited to announce a new initiative launching this month we’re calling Face-Off, where we leverage our community to crowd-source the effectiveness of commercial products. Have you ever wondered if any of these products you’re trying actually work? Not sure if that influencer, beauty blog, or 5 star review is shooting you straight? And even if they are, is their product right for your skin? Well, we’re going to find out! We’ll be testing an array of creams, serums, masks, etc. and let YOU judge their effectiveness.

Think of it as crowdsourced Consumer Reports for skincare. We’ll be sending re-packaged commercial products (many of them high-end) to create blind tests, where participants upload daily photos of their progress to our community for judging at regular intervals. By pooling all of the results together, our community will have a measurable & objective way of evaluating product efficacy that’s much more powerful and credible than any one individual product review.

Why are we doing this?
Because we’re passionate about taking an evidence-based approach to skincare.

Does this conflict with Community Cosmetics mission to create natural products?
We don’t think so, in fact it’s a natural progression of our product testing community. Hey, if you like the CC brand of products and want to buy them, great! But if our products aren’t right for you, we want to help you find products that are.

Co-Creators are welcome to participate, look for instructions on how to apply this week!

Live simply, give generously,



Hello john, I’m excited let’s get started


excited to get ready


Hi everyone! This all sounds so exciting and I’m looking forward to being a part of everything! I can’t wait to get started!


Yes!!! I love this… I feel like so many of the times maybe the reviews we read are not always as genuine as we would like… even down to YouTube when people review a product who wants to be kicked off a PR List for hating a product am I Right??? So I love this idea!


Updated my profile and am SUPER excited about Face Off! I have tried many products that were touted as “the bees knees” by bloggers, celebrities, etc. only to realize that their feedback on a product was more likely driven by the incentive they received instead of their honest opinion. I can’t wait to apply! :star_struck:


Profile updated … and as always … SQUEE! :slight_smile:


Mine too, I’m updated…


Your like me I get excited like I won the lottery


OK, I’m computer-densing out again, how do I find the profile area to correct? Nothing has changed, but where do I enter that? :cat:


Click on your avatar in the top right corner
Click the gear icon
Click Profile on the left-hand side


Excited for the deodorant!

And the Face Off sounds fun and interesting! I am big on reading reviews! But I understand they can vary greatly for each person liking or hating it. Skin care products can be a lot harder to buy than for example a new phone.

Welcome to all the new people here!


Welcome everybody! I am so excited for face off. I know some products work, but testing products against bloggers and 5 star reviewers sounds fantastic.


this is so exciting! I love the fact that there are all kinds of products involved in testing.


@Mamaemz04 And sometimes genuine = SUCKS!!!, which doesn’t really tell us anymore than “Pretty”.


Face off is such a great idea! I can’t wait to see these products being tested. I’d love to see answers to if $200 creams are worth it, or save some money and stick with a $20 cream, etc.


Inquiring minds want to know!


Profile updated. I’m stoked about “Face Off!” It will be like having my own personal review board, my own trustworthy review board! Like others have said, I can’t count the times I’ve read positive reviews on a product that was a total waste of money for me. It’s not necessarily true that the reviewer was lying, the product just wasn’t tailored for me. Knowing that a product was reviewed by someone that has the same skin issues that I have will make me more confident in trying a product. Soooo looking forward to Face Off!
And I’m also looking forward to having a new favorite natural deodorant.:wink:


How do you know what group your in


You are participating in our Co-Creator Deodorant module, which you can verify by going here: https://forum.communitycosmetics.com/groups/CC_Deodorant_01

Co-Creators help develop the requirements for the Community Cosmetics line of natural personal care products, which you test and help us refine before we release them. To date we have yet to release a product, though we are close with one of our Body Wash samples you read about in our Co-Creator blog update.

Face-Off is a new initiative we’ve developed, and right now nobody is in it. Our goal is to release an application later this week to let people apply to participate in that program, which you or anyone else is welcome to apply to. We plan on testing many different products under Face-Off for several different “studies” to address a variety of skincare concerns. This means we’ll be picking what we feel is the best skin fit for the study, so while obviously we can’t choose everyone, some applicants who aren’t selected for our first study may be candidates for future studies (for example, anti-aging, pigmentation, acne, etc.).