Week 17 Update


Hello @CC_Deodorant_01!

School is officially back in session and fall is lurking around the corner. I wish! We’re still in triple digits down in Austin and look forward to cooler weather sometime in… October! I look forward to the changing of the seasons more every year :fallen_leaf:. But until then…

Body Wash 01D
The 💥 Contest! Name Body Wash 01D! has come to an end and we have an undisputed winner!

Hydra Lush Dreamsicle

Thank you to all who voted, and congratulations to @RedBastet who penned the name! Brooke - you will be receiving a complimentary bottle of Hydra Lush on us! And fellow Co-Creators who participated in this module, as promised, as part of our way of saying “thank you” we will send you coupons for 50% off your first bottle :slight_smile:. But first we need to mix up a fresh batch and print up some new labels, stay tuned for when it goes on sale in our store!

This is a huge milestone for us, and we literally couldn’t have done it without the support from our amazing community! A huge thank you is in order to @CC_Body_Wash_01 and @CC_Body_Lotion_01 who participated in these modules and provided feedback to bring make this a reality. We read every word of your feedback and reviews, and many of you really went the extra mile to give us detailed feedback about how to make our product great, while also choosing to participate in our community discussions. I’ve said this many times before, this is not your typical freebie program where you post pics on Insta and then move on. It’s truly a collaborative effort, which is why we call it Co-Creation, and we’re thrilled so many of you have been a part of it!

We’ve come a long way from 🎓 Training your Nose: How to Identify and Discuss Scent and 🎓 How does soap work? to discussion about lather and whether or not the world needs a Geranium-scented body wash! We’ve moved forum platforms, opened up our community to the public, and are now testing commercial products in addition to making our own :exploding_head:! We’re having a bunch of fun and hope you are too :partying_face:

Things are off to a good start with our first study launch. We’ve received over 540 applications from people wanting to participate, and are very excited to see what will come of it!

Deodorant 01
We’re at work creating some deodorants for you to try, and will likely offer two very different options in terms of delivery vehicle and scent. We hope to have some samples ready in a few weeks. This is going to be fun!

Have you updated your address & gotten your certification badge yet? If not, what are you waiting for?

Surely there’s a topic in here somewhere that you’d like to discuss! If not, why not create one of your own? Have a favorite face mask or product? Review it! Don’t know how? Ask!

Many of you are moms and with kids back in school things can be hectic and a little stressful. How do you pamper yourself?

It’s so important to take time out for yourself. The more we love ourselves, the more we can love others.



I love this update !!! Thank you for allowing us the chance actually help to shape a product that we will love and use so often! So much of the time we are buying products we do not know much about but , that we “like” it and having the chance to be apart of the entire process is absolutely magical and I sincerely appreciate it! Thank you for all you do as well! I can’t wait for the continued success and I can not wait to purchase my Hydra Lush!!!


Well I’m looking forward to trying hydra lush, yay… and I love this community their is so many topics it’s hard not to chime in on something.


that is the perfect name for that body wash :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yes, congratulations, Brooke! Hydra Lush, talk about a delicious break in the day!:heart_eyes_cat:


Wait … WHAT? HOLY POWIE BATMAN! :tada: :confetti_ball: :fireworks: I am truly honored everyone! This has been an amazing journey and it’s only going to get better! Thanks for voting for the name AND congratulations to all of us were able to play with the first few runs and choose a great product!
And you bet your bodies that I’m gonna use every last drop of that bottle of HYDRA LUSH DREAMSICLE product!
Thanks @John for being an amazing leader!


Congrats @RedBastet!!! I’m so excited to buy a bottle when it’s available. I also can’t wait for the deodorant to be ready! Excited to see what scents get chosen :slight_smile:


Love this detailed explanation! So glad for that bot for certified badge!
Wow 540 is amazing!

Keep the quotes coming. They definitely cheer me up.


And congrats @RedBastet !


Congratulations @RedBastet on the name. For a product like this with natural ingredients, what kind of prices are we looking at? Or is that something you guys are working on still @John? It’s crazy to think that at the beginning of this, we were barely learning about skin and scent and moisturizers and now here we are with a real product. Oh, also, how are things going with the lotion? I know we’ve kind of been talking about deodorant mostly, but I’m still curious about the lotion.


Congratulations @RedBastet!:tada::balloon::confetti_ball:I think the name you chose is so fitting that it can probably be used for other body washes as well, by changing just the fragrance name after Hydra Lush.


Ok, will do! Thanks for the feedback.


We’ve been focused on the deodorant, so no further development on the lotion. I think the formula is right, need to work on the scent. We were pleasantly surprised at how much everyone liked the dispenser though. Thank you for asking.


I am sure you already covered this but how many of the applicants will you be selecting to participate in the first Face-Off study?

I cannot wait to start see what you came up with in the deodorant department!!!

And your last line, priceless. Something I really needed to hear right now. Something as simple as taking the time to apply lotion or give myself a pedicure can become more of a want than a need and those things are REALLY necessary! Anyone else smile when they see their toes freshly painted?


We haven’t covered this, so I appreciate you asking! We’re targeting 100 participants, give or take. It really depends on the quality of the applications we receive - they have to be excellent photos. So we’ll try to get as many as we think are appropriate for the study!


Congrats to @RedBastet ! I’m also curious as to pricing, if that’s been decided on yet.


I think so too! Brooke you may have named a line!:+1:




I wish more things were packaged in those pump bottles because they always say that air is bad for products and especially things with natural ingredients. I’ve had products start to smell weird after a few months of being opened. They tell you to keep certain products in the fridge to make them last, but its kind of inconvenient to my skincare routine to have to go back and forth to the kitchen from the bathroom. :slight_smile:


Cold lotion to face :grimacing: