Week 18 Update


Hello @CC_Deodorant_01!

How was your labor day? Whether you were grilling, exfoliating, reading, or messing around in the yard, I hope some of you were able to enjoy a day away from work to spend as you wish. I got to catch up with family in town and some overdue reading. But if you had to work, thank you for your contribution to the wheels of commerce. There’s always the weekend.

September 1 marks meteorological fall and I’m looking forward more than ever to a change in the seasons as Austin experienced the third hottest summer on record this year with 51 days over 100 degrees :sun_with_face:.

We’re busy working on Deodorant samples and Face-Off, so no updates on this body wash for the moment, but we’re excited to make up a fresh batch now that it’s official!

Deodorant 01
We’re working on a couple of different options for you to try. In fact, I’m testing one of them as I write this update :sunglasses:. So far so good. We’ll be shipping samples this month and will let you know when to look for them. Is your shipping address up to date in your profile?

Over 600 apps as we draw near the close of submissions for our first study. What are people looking for in an eye cream? Click here to find out: Poll: What should your your Eye Cream do for you? Thank you to everyone who let us know their preferences and if you have not done so already, be sure to let us know What Eye Creams do you want to see tested? If you don’t get picked for this study, chances are either your photos were not crystal clear or you don’t need wrinkle cream :slight_smile: but don’t fret, we plan on doing more studies.

Awesome Post
In case you missed it, you’ve got to check out @Freedom’s post on Before & After: Life-Flo Pure Rosehip Seed Oil the transformation over a short period of time is absolutely incredible. Thank you Cherri for this amazing contribution and congratulations on how great your skin looks!

Until next time, consider this: Thoughts are Things. What we think about, expands. We tend to become what we think about most of the time.

Choose your thoughts wisely!



My Labor Day was relaxing. I finally got to watch The Godfather in its entirety! Thank you @John for the mention!
Over 600 Face Off applications, that’s impressive! It communicates that there are quite a bit of people who are unhappy with their eye area. I wonder what percentage of them use eye creams? If they are using them, it means they are unsatisfied with the results and have probably wasted countless dollars looking for the right cream.
I’m excited about how Face Off will change how we purchase products in the future. Most of us have been exposed to reviews and even before and after photos we weren’t sure we could trust and regretted buying a product after the fact. But anyone who accesses CC’s forum can see that we are “real people,” not photoshopped images and we are having real conversations with one another. This in itself will garner trust, causing people to begin to look to CC’s website for information and advice when making skin care purchases.:clap:t4: More growth and exposure is coming!


I can’t wait to learn more about the deodorant and getting to try it out. This will be a first for me because I have always used an antiperspirant.


Hi! My Labor Day was great! I spent a lot of time with family.
I’m loving this group so far! I love all the great information that is shared. I’ve learned so much already. I’m also very excited about the deodorant test. It’s great that all of our opinions are being used to create awesome products!


Labor day weekend was filled with grilling and kids…good times! On another note, I expanded craft routine and made some soap. It was fun and the results were good. More soap to come. I am really excited to see what you’ve come up with for deodorant.


I had to work and I locked myself out of the store and had to Jimmy my way back in. It was an interesting night but I did get to eat some grilled Irish sausages before work! And I did my multi step face regimen when I got home. It is so fun and it is how I wind down for the night.


My labor day was good, just chilled at home with the family and caught up with school work.
I can’t wait to try the deodorant and tell us more about your experience with it.


Cant wait to sample the products, I’m overly excited I feel like a kid


my labor day was pretty good, spent it with my mom and my 2 kiddo’s went to a pond and fed the ducks.


Can’t wait to try the deodorant. I’m actually trying an all natural kind now made by Schmidts. I like it somewhat. It is Lavendar scented and the lavendar is VERY overpowering and it is hard! As in, not soft to the touch when applying. At any rate, trying new things is always interesting!




Had a great labor day weekend (it was also my birthday weekend), and can’t wait for the cool weather to get here!

Quick question, I got an email that my address wasn’t on file but when I login it is there? Is there a way to check it? I don’t want to miss out on the deodarant samples when they’re ready!


Hi Danielle, your good. Minor Excel snafu ended up me getting a couple of folks who had their on file. Thank for following up.


Hey it says that my address is in my profile will you check please


You’re good to go @Tammy_Matthews


No problem, thanks for letting me know! Just wanted to make sure it wasn’t just a glitch on my end :slight_smile:


Okay thank you figured I better check before everything gets mailed


Yes it has been in the triple digits here in Texas. Trying to stay cool as much as possible. I had a nice relaxing labor day at home. Would you check to see if my email is up to date? @John


@Neicey I do not see your address in your account.


Thanks for the update. I’ve searched my profile. Where should I enter my mailing address?