Week 19 Update


Hello @CC_Deodorant_01!

Quickest update ever

We’re super busy preparing the deodorant samples to go out this week, so this is your final reminder to get Certified and put your address on file. I think enough has been said about this already. I’m swamped, so please lean on someone if you get stuck, as I may not be able to help you.

We’ll have a special place in the forum for initial thoughts like we’ve had for the other samples, and love hearing your feedback as you discuss with other Co-Creators, so please let us know you received your sample, what you think of the packaging, and your initial thoughts - we love pics! Don’t be shy and upload your samples :slight_smile: .

We’ll be sending out links to surveys like we did for the body lotion to get your official critiques, but only after you’ve had a chance to use the products. We recommend using each sample for at least two weeks before forming any opinions, allowing your body to get accustomed to these new products. Don’t be surprised if they don’t work initially, give your body a chance to adapt!

We’re also busy reviewing the over 600 Face-Off applications we received for our first eye cream study. Stay tuned for more on Face-Off.

We’re so excited to share these new products with you!



So we are getting 2 different samples to test? If so, I am thinking I will use them at the same time, one for each arm so I can do a side by side comparison.


Yes, two very different options. I love the one for each arm idea!


Yes! That’s ingenious! That will make comparison between them soooo much easier!


Yay! Good thing too, the deodorant I’ve been using has just about had it lol, there’s hardly any product left. I can’t wait to try this one out! So excited to find out the scent too!


I’m so excited to get them, this deodorant trial is going to be a challange considering I’ve never been able to switch deodorants because I got some bad sweat and so far mitchum has been the only thing that works. But if they do I’ll be so excited cause then that’ll mean that I could change products not say mitchum is bad just want something different.


Arm 1 and arm 2… Love the idea of testing this way :slight_smile:


Looking forward to trying it.


Great idea on using a different deodorant on each arm👍🏻 I’m excited to try them!