Week 20 & 21 Update


Howdy @CC_Deodorant_01 I was so caught up in stuff last week I neglected to send out an update!

Not much to report on at the moment, we love seeing your comments on the deodorant and the updates are super appreciated. Overall it sounds like they are both performing better than expected for a natural deodorant, which is awesome! Very few reports of irritation and complete failures, yeah!

My apologies on the delay with Face-Off. We’re trying to open up the study to more people and are carefully looking through the entries. Thank you for your patience while we try to get as many people in as possible.

Also, if you have not already please help us out by posting a pic on social media. We’re trying to grow and could use your help with spreading the word about our community. Why not recommend us on Facebook if you have the chance, too?

Fall is around the corner… so excited for the change of the seasons.



@John I will take a better quality picture of the deodorants tomorrow and post it on my social media! I’m truly loving the experience of natural deodorant and very surprised at the effectiveness of them. :slight_smile:


Will post tomorrow too.


I’ll definitely start posting more on social media. I wasn’t entirely sure if we could yet since the products aren’t actually available yet. And I’m so excited about fall too! It’s my favorite season. Honestly, I hate summer lol. I can’t stand the heat. I love taking long walks, so we’ve been able to a lot more now since it’s so much cooler!


I wasn’t sure whether we could/should post on social media either since the products are still in the test phase!




i still have not received mine, is that normal?


Whoa, just saw it’s your birthday, happy birthday Heather!!


Hi Angela, I just checked your account… it looks like you never provided your address! :scream:


Thank you John!!! :heart_eyes:


omg lol, I didn’t even realize, well I know now for next time, thanks.



I have tried to repost my pictures for face off but it keeps sending me to this My Typeforms website. It’s probably too late now, but in case it’s not, I would appreciate you sending me the link to submit my photos again.




Hi John,
I hope you are doing well. I wanted to let you know I have dropped a very nice mention of Community Cosmetics in my latest video. I will attach it here and you can fast forward to 22:25 instead of making you watch the whole thing. LOL. Wishing you so much well deserved success.


Marsha Woods

YouTube Video. https://youtu.be/OZtDEuAZpeM


Hi Sherry, you can just reply to the email I sent out, or send me a PM with your info.


Thank you Marsha, I look forward to check it out!