Week 23 Update


Hello @CC_Deodorant_01

I’m thinking of changing the audience for updates in the near future. I feel like the general population misses out on Co-Creator updates, which is frankly an exciting part of being here, and likewise the same will apply for anyone not involved in Face-Off, which will be kicking off very shortly. Separate updates for different audiences seems kind of unnecessary right now so don’t be surprised if I start addressing everyone soon. You probably won’t notice a difference, but wanted to mention it.

The Face-Off participants have been chosen! Check your email for an update. Legal waivers went out over the weekend to accepted applicants, so be sure to have yours signed if you were selected. If you were not selected it was probably most likely due to your photos not being crisp enough to clearly get a good “before” picture. Our plan is to kick off more Face-Offs and have more Co-Creator opportunities, so don’t fret if you were not chosen.

Deodorant 01
Everyone’s feedback has been very helpful, and it looks like some preferences are starting to develop. I’ve created a little poll here: https://forum.communitycosmetics.com/t/deodorant-01-spray-or-stick-which-is-your-favorite/1566 to see where everyone is at. We’ll announce an official feedback survey in a few more weeks to collect your detailed thoughts.

Any good Halloween costume ideas?



I don’t mind getting email updates half the time I forget about things unless i get an update. As for costume ideas, I think I might shop my closet and see what I can come up with.


I totally agree that everyone should be in on getting the weekly updates. That inclusion is what community is about. Also, the inclusion updates may also encourage the less involved community members to get involved.


I agree with @Freedom . I think just addressing everyone as a group will make everyone feel included and will be a little less taxing on you @John. I’ve gotten to the point where I do look forward to these weekly updates as a way to remind me if there’s something that I need to do that I have forgotten. Sometimes I get busy throughout the week and on the weekend and might totally forget to check in on the forums. I really appreciate these weekly updates and I can’t imagine there being anything but a benefit to those who may not be receiving these now.


I don’t mind getting all of the updates. As for Halloween, I have several ideas: Unicorn (unoriginal, yes… but I happened to get a unicorn headband, and the perfect knee highs for great prices) and race car driver.


What I might do is change the category News - Co-Creator Blog to News - CC Blog or something similar, and change the permissions so all can view. Some folks not participating in programs might get confused, but if I can lean on you to help shepherd the lost that would be great. Glad to hear no one is objecting to opening up the flow of information.


I would love to get all the updates. I am probably not getting any Halloween costume but I am hoping to get my son a Star Wars costume.


I’m excited for the official deodorant feedback. I’ve really been enjoying both of them! I have no clue what I’m doing for Halloween this year, but last year my boyfriend and I did a twisted Wizard of Oz kind of thing. Although it was just the two of us lol. But I was the witch and he was the scarecrow!


Love it! Thanks for sharing :ghost:


I have really enjoyed participating in the deodorant testing process and find it SO interesting to read everyone’s candid feedback. I’m so used to people posting just to fulfill their end of the “bargain” for receiving a free sample or full sized product. We definitely have a great, expressive, and very active community!



No Halloween costume ideas from me lol.


Sounds great. Im not in the face off, so getting updates is a bit much. I appreciate this adjustment.